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Paul Gomez
10-16-2003, 09:22 PM
Thought I'd get the ball rolling. This review is from June 2002.

Texas Defensive Shooting Academy
Attended their Advanced Pistol-1 class this weekend past.

Class was taught by Steve Mack who was assisted by Leonard Head, Greg Melcer and Derrick Birdsall. Extremely competant instructors, every one.

I was impressed by the attention to detail these guys maintained throughout. With the class divided into two relays, the student/instructor ratio was mostly kept at 2:1. By keeping the ratio so low, the instructors were able to give immediate, direct feedback to every student. By limiting the course material exclusively to shooting skills, they were able to really spend the time and energy necessary to focus on fundamental skills development.

They also used a video recorder to record each of the students shooting differnt drills. This allowed each shooter to see themselves and to see their improvement in form.

The first exercise in the class was for each student to shoot a modified Presidente to establish a baseline. The student began facing three steel plates [10 or 12 inch plates] at approximatley 7M,with the gun in a ready position, on the beep, he shot 2,2,&2, speedloaded, and reengaged 2,2,&2. The students scores ranged from the high 20-second range to the high 5-second range, and the hits ranged from 9 misses to 0 misses.

On Sunday afternoon, the drill was run again. Student improvements ran the gamut from approx 20% [mostly from students who had already been through the program] to upwards of 60%.

How's this for neat? If you've taken a class from TDSA you can audit the same class for $25 a day as often as you'd like. We had two or three students who were repeating the class to further solidify their skills. How's this for double neat? If you don't feel the class was worthwhile, you don't pay.

As for my scores on the Pres, you ask?

Well I was OK with my origional run on Saturday. I got 12 hits in around 6.40. On Sunday, however, I tanked out. I was the only student to not show improvement on the drill. In fact, I did worse by almost 1.00. This absolutely does not reflect on TDSA. It is a reflection of what negative self-talk can accomplish. Rather than "Do it", I was thinking "Don't do that" and the resulting mental constipation cost me.

So did I pay? Damn skippy! TDSA is a top-notch organization and I know that I'll return.