View Full Version : Classroom training Tool Pen/Laser-Pointer

04-22-2004, 07:36 PM
A friend of mine and I went to a knife show, and he showed me a new pen he found.

BELKIN "Quadra" 4 in 1 pen.

It is brushed Alum., and has a Pen/Stylis (sp) for your PDA. Twist Clockwise-PDA stylis, Counter Clockwise-PEN (Black)

That was cool, but the best part is that in the "cap" end there are two small buttons. The one closest to the top of the pen opperates a small white LED light. The other (front) opperates a ... Laser Pointer.

I bought one at Office Max, since I was already at Coppy Max making manuals...why not.

This thing is a blast. I used it in class to point out Trigger Re-Set, and Sight Alignment w/o having to turn away from the class.

The thing cost around $20.00 (19.95-no tax- in OR.). I then used it on a Security Consulting Detail, were I needed a light to walk a dark trail, and the pointer to ldentify areas of importance.

It has paid for it's self and I have only had it for about 48 hrs!

It even comes with four (4) batts. to run the Light/Laser.

I just thought I would "share" with you guys.