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04-07-2004, 05:03 AM
Having recently attended Gabe's CRG class in SC, I'm more curious than ever about airsoft pistols for training.

Have you experienced any problems with them? Are they difficult to maintain? How many rounds does the average pistol hold? How much gas do you use in an hour of training? Do they weigh about the same as the real gun?


I'd really like to get an airsoft 1911, but I saw only one on the above link. Is there a better selection elsewhere? Is the one in the above link well-built and durable?

As a training aid, how do you rate the airsoft pistols? Where can you generally find the best prices on gear?

Any thoughts appreciated.

Bill Lance
04-07-2004, 05:06 AM
I am glad you put this out VaughnT. After returning from the CRG class, I ordered an Airsoft replica of my carry gun for future FoF, and general gun-handling drills.


Pale Horse
04-07-2004, 04:04 PM
VaughnT I have played airsoft for a little over 2 years, I even made a web site on it www.tactical-airsoft.net.

The main problems with the Green gas pistols is the Magazines. Depending upon the amount of times you use it and a few other things. I wore out a mag for my kwc 1911a1 in about 3 months, but I was playing airsoft at least once a week and shooting it in my apartment. What you can do to keep them in good working order is this; dont over fill them, keep a small amount of gas in the magazine while not in use, keep it lubed (a little goes a long way), dont drop them, let them warm up when they get cold, tighten the valve every now and then, dont keep them loaded with bbs when not in use, and get another mag so you can split up the load.

Capacity varies from gun to gun. However generally they hold at least 10-20 rounds. Some of the hicap mags are upwards of 50 rounds.

The weight is very similar when dealing with green gas. most of the weight is in the magazine.

Western Arms is near the top. Tokyo Marui is in the middle and ksc/kwc and hfc are an entry level weapons. Here is one of the places in my town that has a good selection of weapons http://www.precisionairsoft.com/catalog.htm. I look around for what I want and then I look for the best prices.

The good thing about airsoft is that your regular hoslters will do just fine, excluding the 1911 mag pouches.

As far as a training aid I think they are some of the best training tools available for "mere mortals." Gabe and I have spoken on this subject on 3 or 4 seperate occasions and I am convinced that they are invalueable for cops, ccw, military and anyone on a budget. You can get a simulated firearm that feels just like your duty or carry side arm, but its a whole lot cheaper.

I have a two green gas pistols and they are great. Well the 1911 needs some loctite on the mag or some plumbers tape to fix the hissing mag.

In short I would suggest getting one with an extra mag or two.

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04-07-2004, 05:19 PM
A good source for Airsoft guns is www.airsoftatlanta.com (http://www.airsoftatlanta.com). That's where I got mine, which is a Sig P229 clone. They have package deals that come with the gun, gas and bb's.