View Full Version : Surviving edged weapons (VHS)

Seppo Vesala
04-05-2004, 09:00 AM
Producer: Paladin press, 1988

Run time: 1:24

This is The training film on edged weapons; the one which all other training films are compared with. The reason is not in contents, because these days there are lots of good training films available. The reason is the production of this film: This film has by far the best production of all of the training films I have ever seen.

The film starts with a dramatization from the beginning of a knife culture: a caveman stabbing another to death for a piece of meat. The sequence looks somewhat silly, but it shows the attitude of the producers of this film: They have invested perhaps more money on the one scene (which is not even an important one, but is used only for narrative purposes) than is used for filming an entire “typical” training film. That scene may not teach any important techniques, but it creates a feeling that one is watching a movie rather than a cheaply manufactured training film.

At the beginning of the film, the film concentrates on creating a respectful attitude towards knives and knife wielding adversaries. This is accomplished by using plenty on dramatized scenes, statistics on knife attacks and interviews of knife attack survivors. Later on, they teach some good tactics and point out some dangerous habits some police officers might have. There are also some techniques taught, but they are in a supporting role in the film. At the end of the film, there is some stuff on operating after being wounded (advice on first aid and on creating a proper mental attitude).

The film is somewhat dated, but not outdated. When the film was introduced, there may not have been many training films (or even realistic training) available, therefore increasing the importance of this film. These days, there is much more training available, and most of the stuff presented here are probably not new to you. But still, the lessons of proper attitude are very important. Therefore, this film is highly recommended to everyone working in security professions.