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03-31-2004, 08:20 AM
I recently purchased and have been shooting a CZ P-01. I've been a 1911 guy for quite a while, but wanted something a little different and more "wife" friendly. I went way out on a limb, skipping the Glocks, Sig's etc for various reasons and went with a CZ. Since shooting and carrying this pistol, I feel that I've discovered a great pistol for the money.

Unlike other CZ's I have handled, this pistol has a lightweight frame - eliminating the heavy chunk of steel feeling that the full size CZ75's have. Trigger pull and configuration seems to be better than others I've handled also. Its compact and has a grip very similar to a Browning High Power that would be familiar to many. The P-01 has a light rail, and although I dont see me utilizing this it seems that everything is coming with one these days. I've since found that CZ makes the same lightweight model sanz the rail called a PCR. It can be fired double action or single action, however it cannot be safely carried cocked and locked as its saftey acts as a decocker.

It's a 9mm proposition only, which will be an issue for some. Holsters are surprisingly easy to find. I settled on a High Noon Holsters, Down Under IWB. This holster is comparable to a Sparks Summer Special II in design and has carried the pistol securely for the short time I've had it. I'm hoping the High Noon holster holds up well as they delivered in less than a week and I'm on week 10 waiting for a Sparks SS for a revolver I have.

Overall, the P-01 a nice pistol. I've been known to be a gun snob and have admittedly passed over CZ or CZ type clones without giving them a thought. I became interested in this pistol after stumbling onto and reading some of the tests that this model had been subjected to for acceptance as the Czech National Police issue weapon and reading about how popular CZ type pistols are outside of the US. After shooting and carrying the P-01, I recommend that anyone looking for a moderately priced and well balanced pistol that carries easily check them out.

Also, for those who have travelled and/or trained with handguns outside the U.S., are CZ type pistols a standard, or is this just marketing hype? What are the "other" guys using out there?

karl johnson
03-31-2004, 08:58 AM
I've seen a lot of CZ's in European holsters (75's and 83's), I've seen a few in PA territory, and read they are very much the standard in South Africa. The Israeli police use a virtual CZ75 clone in the Jericho.

When I was a cop, I had an in custody Russian mobster who went on and on about how great CZ's were in general and the 75 specifically. The fact that I could talk to him about them helped us "bond". To my benefit, of course.

I think they are pretty common around the world, and I have been trying to figure out a good reason to buy a P01 myself. When it is available in 40, or in a non decocking version, I'm so there.