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09-06-2006, 09:09 PM
Tried the search feature and came up empty for related topics. I was out browsing today and came across the Wincester Super X2 Mk1 Practical. I remember hearing lots of noise about the Super X2 briefly after the 2005 SHOT show but hadn't seen many or heard much of the shotgun since then. This shotgun caught my attention mainly because after looking it over, it bears a striking resemblance to FN's own Auto-Loading Police shotgun.

Being that FN is using the Winchester name under license from Olin Corp, it stands to reason that these are probably the same shotgun in reality. I recently had a chance to shoot the FN and found it to be very smooth, very fast and pretty light in the recoil department even when running full power loads. I ran the FN's six round tube dry in .85-sec at seven yards, with standard 00-Buck on an IDPA cardboard target. All shot and wads were inside a 12-inch circle on the chest of the target.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has any practical experience with this shotgun...Assuming they actually are the same shotgun as I currently suspect is the case. I'm pretty familiar with the Remington 11-87 and that had been my most likely purchase for a new shotgun. But, having worked briefly with the FN, I'm wondering if it's not an overlooked option. The Remington and Benelli offerings have well deserved reputations but the Winchester/FN unit also appears to be worthy of consideration. I just want to know if someone has already subjected one of them to hard use and found it to be OK.

scott fague
09-07-2006, 04:02 AM
The FN and Winchester shotguns are the same thing, just stamped differently. The Browning Gold is very similar, but adds a few features.
All are made by the same company.

The SX2 is a very popular shotgun in the 3 gun community and out of the box is good to go - no mods required. Remmington also offers a competition version of their 1100, but they aren't bulletproof.

I have an 1187P and an SX2 Practical. My SX2 has runs 100% will 3 dram 2 3/4" loads - I have never had a malfunction in over 1k rounds through it. I did a bunch of research before buying it, and have been very pleased. Ergos, quality, reliability, materials, etc. are all 1st rate. It's very fast cycling and shoots as soft as my 1187.

I RO'd a shotgun only stage at this year's USPSA multigun nationals (I also shot the match), and we had well over 100 top level competitors. I saw at least a dozen SX2s. All ran 100%, as did the Benellis. 1100s and 1187s did not.

There is some info on the SX2 on Brian Enos' forums.


scott fague
09-07-2006, 04:05 AM
Owning and using both, the only advantages I can see of the 1100/1187 over the SX2 is aftermarket and gunsmithing support.

The SX2 is better all around, and particularly when it comes to loading shells into the tube magazine quickly.

Tom Cornelius
09-07-2006, 04:25 AM
I owned a FN Police Autoloading Shotgun... Used it in one of Gabe's

classes. It was not reliable with quality federal or remington shells.

A Remington 870 Police Shotgun is very reliable...

09-07-2006, 06:38 AM
Thanks for the comments. I'm on my second 870 and I do know it to be very reliable mechanically speaking. I chose the 870 after after bending the action bars in a friend's Mossberg 590 and later warping the reciever on a Winchester 1300 during two seperate shotgun classes early in my shooting career. The problem is, I still haven't yet spent enough time on slide/pump-action shotguns to eliminate a tendency to short stroke them occasionally. I'm just more comfortable running the auto-loaders and I wanted to replace an 1187 I sold a couple years back.

I've owned both the 1100 an the 1187 before, both ran 100% with full-power loads. I'd be interested to know what caused the 3-gunners' problems. My experience with the 1187, indicates that gun's gas system is tuned for heavier loads. Light birdshot loads, particularly those with low case walls did occasionally fail to cycle the 1187. 1100 seemed to fail only if the O-ring were worn/dried out or one had a cracked piston. The only other shortcoming I had with the 1187 was the short button on the shell carrier. It makes for a small target when you are in a hurry to charge the magazine tube. The Benelli, Browning, Mossberg and Winchester auto-loaders all have shell carriers that allowed quicker, smoother charging of the tube but that one issue alone wasn't enough to make me choose those systems over the 1187.

Limited experience with the FN SLP showed no failures but I only put 100 rounds through it in the course of 20 minutes or so. I ran mostly Federal Tactical 00-Buck(reduced recoil) but also some Wolf brand 00-buck because that's what the range had on hand. No stoppages of anykind. Again, seeing the SX2 appeared to be the same gun makes the FN SLP and Winchesters SX2 Mk1 Practical seem like viable options if they have high reliability. I'll continue to do some research, it may be a couple months before I'm in a position to buy one. Thanks for the link.

scott fague
09-07-2006, 10:47 AM
Some of the problems are likely due to modifications gone awry.

But, there were a lot of stock appearing guns and owners who claimed they were stock (I asked them when I had time as I was curious).

It's a gas gun, so it has to have a certain amount of gas pressure to work right.

Fouling in the gas ports, fouling on the mag tube (where the piston receiprocates), etc. can cause stoppages. This is probably the biggest issue with this design.

Dried/cracked O-rings are also a cause.

I've heard that enlarging the gas ports can help - this is best left to someone who knows what they are doing - Hans Vang, Wilson Combat.

Use a scotchbrite pad to keep the mag tube and pistol clean. I learned this from John Paul of JP enterprises.

Replace O rings on a schedule.

Use good ammo, with enough drams (3 1/4 seems to work good).

One last note on the SX2 - some of them are for 2 3/4 inch shells only, some will accept 3 inch shells.

Mark V
09-08-2006, 01:55 AM
I run a 3.5 inch magnum SX2 for Practical Shotgun in the UK. Not the Practical Version, but been tricked out. Couple of points - doesn't like short, underpowered ammo - problems cycling. Minimum is 67mm/30g for birdhot, but seems to cycle most buck.

I found my SX2 ran better after it had been 'Dremelled' by someone who knew what they are doing and after I'd shot a case or two of suitably heavy ammo through it.

There are a few SX2s on the circuit in the UK, but Browning Golds are more popular. One of the main reason is the auto loading of the first round into the chamber - seen as saving time when speed loading.