View Full Version : Gabe's Flashlight Setup

03-16-2004, 06:35 AM
(not sure if this was covered before, but here's my .02)

I contacted Surefire not too long ago to get lanyard rings for my G2/C2 lights. I told the guy "I think the one I want is the Z12 (that I read in an article somewhere ;)), it goes on the tail of the 6P sized lights." I asked him to check it first, and he said that was the one I was looking for.

Survey says? *BZZZZZ*

It turns out that the Z12 is the one that goes between the bezel and the body, not the tailcap and the body. The one I wanted was the Z26. Thankfully, their e-mail support was prompt when I sent them a message and they have replaced the wrong sized rings. (Actually, I kept one as the Z12 fits on the tail of a C-cell sized Maglite PERFECTLY.)

So now I have my C2 complete with tailcap ring and a split-ring (actually, I used the larger of the two rings that came with my ASP key-defender). I'm going to practice with it and see how it goes.