View Full Version : What is the most important thing for a Christian to be doing?

03-12-2004, 12:17 AM
Sorry, not sure the right way to do this but I deleted this post.

03-12-2004, 02:37 PM
dont feel like the lone-ranger mrvmax , i've been doing a lot of deleteing lately . no reason to talk to those that know everything already .

in answer to your deleted posts subject , the most important thing a Christian should be doing is learning the WORD , then , applying it your life .

unless you learn to properly divide the WORD of GOD as to subjectmatter and object with the original intent , your still lost and liable to deception . baptism is only the beginning of salvation . a starting place for a commitment toward working to understanding the WORD . CHRIST is the LIVING WORD of GOD .

the ' foundations of the world' , Noahs flood , Moses's leading the people through the waters , baptism , , , there is considerable meaning to these recounted occurences beyond just the surface of the stories .

everyone that passed through the waters with Moses survived , some only to be destroyed because they were wise in there own eyes and dispized GODS WORDS and his good plans , not only for them , but , the salvation of the world .

you have to dig in the word , like treasure hunting . the ALMIGHTY made it that way on purpose to prevent those that are wise in there own eyes from finding out how to 'go through the motions' to salvation .