View Full Version : Close Range Gunfighting (Hou, TX)

02-29-2004, 02:05 PM
I had the pleasure and good fortune to take this class in Houston recently. If you want to be prepared for a fight and have a gun, this is for you. I especially liked that that this class was fight focused, not gun focused. The course doesn't start with the shooting, it starts with the fight and trains you how to transition to the shooting and to do it well at close range.

In addition to the curriculum, I also liked the way Gabe ran this course. Participants are expected to know how to be safe with a gun and have mastered marksmanship. After some verification of that, the course allows you to do things that you'll need to do in real life, but aren't allowed to do in most shooting ranges and shooting games. I learned a bunch and plan to work these skills into my range practice (where allowed) and my dry practice otherwise. Fortunately, he has published a small book to go along with the class that contains many of the concepts.

I must say I am a huge fan of Gabe's style. A private CCW-er (like me) will feel as comfortable as a SWAT member. Nobody is made to feel inferior because they are not a master of many gunfights or a highly trained public servant. Gabe has lots to teach, but he is also a student himself. After teaching a skill, he always takes a moment to hear from anyone in the class that has a different take on it. The departure from a stiff, dead curriculum is very refreshing.