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06-26-2022, 08:55 PM
In December I had open heart surgery to get the aortic valve that was calcifying replaced. Was successful and doing well in that regard.
Last week I had bought 2 #25 bags of#8 shot for reloading my Sporting guns .... Figured #50 not so hard I'll just bring them both in at the same time.
Well it about killed me .... Iol
Then I realized, when I left PA to move West about 11 years ago. That was me. Not sure how the hell I lived or even moved weighing that much.
Still have a about 20# I want to lose, but right now I'm under what I weighed when I got out of they military albeit not in as good a shape as I was at 26 years old. But way better than most 64y old here in Northern Nevada.

06-28-2022, 07:04 PM
Working out with some dumbbells would help you get into shape carrying stuff. I am 65 y.o, do farmer carries with 2 40 lb dumbbells because that is all the weight my carpal tunnel affected wrists can each handle, back and forth from the back door to my car in the driveway, walking forward going out and backward returning. I also do goblet carries with 1 40 lb just cause that is the heaviest dumbbell I have. I use the dumbells and resistance bands for a lot of my exercises at home.
Start out with what you can do and increase as you are able and I am sure you can get back to carrying 50 pounds again more easily!

Gunstore Commando
07-01-2022, 09:11 AM
Still have a about 20# I want to lose, but right now I'm under what I weighed when I got out of they military

Outstanding work!

07-01-2022, 09:49 AM
Awesome! Keep at it! I didn't know about goblet carries but will be adding it to my regiment. Been doing physical and aquatic therapy for about a year now for back, shoulder, and leg health issues including hospitalization last October. Now that is done, I began dumbbell program. I haven't lost much (in my mind) dropped from 220 down to 198, working out with dumbbells either 4 to 5 days a week with cardio for about 5 weeks now. My goal is getting lean, increassing strength, and get to 185 and then 175. I've learned a ton from WT and all those who posted here. Thanks again!

chad newton
07-01-2022, 05:28 PM
Keep curling those bags.....

07-01-2022, 08:20 PM
One day at a time. Glad you’re making progress.

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07-02-2022, 09:12 PM
Still doing it, have 20#, 10# and 5# dumb bells.
I'm getting there. Still having a couple issues. If I'd stop falling on my ass it would probably help.