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06-25-2022, 06:27 PM
No, this isn't a post about fast cars, fine cigars or good whiskey. It's simply a reflection on throwing 40 bags of wet mulch on a hot, steamy afternoon at the homestead, and being happy with the result...

(Yes, there's a sweet potato in every flower pot.)

06-25-2022, 06:55 PM
Looks great!

We put paving stones in in the milking parlor. It was hot and humid but we are happy with the results.


06-25-2022, 07:08 PM
Glad to see some other people out there getting things done! Weather here has finally cleared up for at lease a few days so I can get caught back up on work and try to get a head start on some other tasks. It was about 7 hours edging, mowing, weed spraying, and other tasks. Tomorrow will probably be about a half days work with more edging and weed spraying. Lather, rinse, repeat for 4th of July weekend as well.

I'll be flying down to San Diego in a couple weeks to pick up a Jeep from my mom to bring back to Washington and want to get as much crap done as possible between now and then. All in hopes of it not turning to total shit while I am gone. My wife can take care of the grass and weed killing, but the other stuff would probably involve the loss of fingers and toes if she tried.




06-25-2022, 08:04 PM
Yeah, mowed yesterday--4 hours with a gasoline push mower--and gave the Kubota a workout today, chipping away at one of my trails to reduce the grade. I love the smell of diesel in the morning.

Smells like--Germany.

Greg Nichols
06-25-2022, 11:15 PM
Nice... I miss my little ranch.

06-26-2022, 07:09 AM
Yeah I’ve been pouring concrete. Now I have to go jack with the trencher. It is a great life but not for everyone.

06-26-2022, 12:23 PM
Been working the garden! Got tomatoes turning red and can't wait for the squash and green beans to can

06-26-2022, 01:06 PM
Been working the garden! Got tomatoes turning red and can't wait for the squash and green beans to can

Nice. I put away 16 quarts of strawberries off of one 20' row earlier this month. Was a great year for strawberries here. Tomatoes and peppers and red potatoes will be next here, followed by beans, squash, melons, cukes and finally sweet potatoes.