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Jon Payne
10-06-2021, 08:49 AM

March 26-27, 2018
Orange, Texas
Instructor: Jonathan Payne

Rifle confrontations worldwide rarely exceed 25 yards. Rather than a long range marksman's weapon, our research shows the rifle will most likely be used just outside the reach of more conventional weapons, as well as within these closer intervals of confrontation.
This course will take the student quickly through the basics and impart the techniques necessary to deploy the Tactical Rifle, Civilian Carbine, or Submachine gun in a close interval emergency. This course is highly recommended for civilian defenders, military personnel, or police operators (we make no distinction in the material presented).


2 days
9:00AM to 5:00PM

Approximately 500 rounds (Minimum)and 50 rounds of pistol ammunition.

Rifle (any action or caliber suitable for use within 50 yards), all weapons must be equipped with a sling, also bring a pistol with at least (2) magazines, a belt, holster, magazine pouches, rifle ammo pouches, and ear & eye protection (knee and elbow pads are strongly suggested).
Also Helpful
Bring spare clothing appropriate for the weather, including a hat, sunscreen, and bug repellent. Plan to bring lunch, snacks, and water (min 1 gallon per person) for the entire day unless driving to lunch is a viable option from the range location. Bring allergy medication (if needed), a chair (if you prefer), note taking supplies, and a boo boo kit (band aids, gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment and tape). You may wish to bring pads such as knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves if the class lends itself to that.

Orange Gun Club
729 Liston Road
Orange, TX 77630
www.orangecountygunclub.com (http://www.orangecountygunclub.com/)

Coming from IH10 between Beaumont & Orange
* Take the Bridge City/ FM 1442 exit
* From the west it's Exit 867/869, from the east it's Exit 869
* Following the OGC signs, take FM 1442 about 2.5 miles south of IH10 to Liston Road
* Turn right, go 1/4 mile, turn right, go straight another 3/4 mile to the OGC skeet fields

La Quinta Inn Orange
2321 Highway 62 S
Orange, TX 77630

Comfort Inn
16945 Highway 62 S
Orange, TX 77630

Hampton Inn Orange
2080 Interstate 10 West
Orange, TX 77632
Primary recommended hotel

Holiday Inn Express
2655 I-10 East
Orange, TX 77632
Recommended Hotel


Modern facility with indoor air-conditioning and restrooms. Numerous hotels within a 10 mile radius as well as facilities for food and supplies.

ENROLL HERE (https://suarezinternational.com/rgf-1-rifle-gunfighting-i-march-26-27-2022-orange-tx/?showHidden=true)

Jon Payne
10-08-2021, 05:46 PM
This information surpasses what I was required to teach by TCOLE/Texas Commission on Law Enforcement and is great value to the armed citizen as well as the armed professional (we make no distinction). The rifle IS the Hot Topic right now. Don't delay, get signed up for this course and learn the Suarez Method for running your rifle.

Jon Payne
10-27-2021, 10:33 AM
This class includes more martial skill than we were allowed to teach in the military. Improve your skills as a rifleman and take this course!

Jon Payne
11-03-2021, 06:42 AM
This course is filling fast! Donít miss out on my first Rifle Class of 2022!

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Jon Payne
11-05-2021, 03:49 PM
This course will help you discover what is needed on your rifle and what isn't.

Jon Payne
11-10-2021, 07:23 AM
The enrollments are rolling in for this class. Don't delay, looks like this one and CRG-2 are going to fill up quickly.

Jon Payne
11-20-2021, 01:14 PM
Learn to run your rifle better than the Kenosha Kid! In this two day class I go in depth further than what the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement requires for the Patrol Rifle Class.

Jon Payne
11-28-2021, 03:18 PM
There's been a lot of interest in rifles and how to fight with one. I don't care if your Granddaddy taught you to shoot, your cousin was in the Army and gave you a few pointers, or even if you've had military or LE training, this course will TEACH YOU in logical steps how to shoot, and fight with your rifle. In the breaks and during lunch I'll show you how to maintain your rifle. Spots are going fast so get signed up today. Our first Texas course is already SOLD OUT!

Jon Payne
12-13-2021, 12:11 PM
March will be here before you know it. Right now 5.56/.223 is easy to find, so buy a case or two. Check your gear, make sure it's in good repair. Get Signed Up!!!

Jon Payne
01-18-2022, 08:19 PM
This class is shaping up nicely. Rifle Gunfighting is the class to take this year in TEXAS!

Jon Payne
02-08-2022, 07:43 AM
This Rifle Gunfighting Class only has a few more spots open.

Jon Payne
03-01-2022, 02:29 PM
Three weeks and three days until this Rifle Gunfighting Class begins. Rifle ammo is readily available and the prices are just about back to normal. It's time to get some solid training in and there's no better time or place to do it!

03-22-2022, 09:47 AM
Bumping this one. Got my hotel reservations made.

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Jon Payne
03-22-2022, 06:04 PM
Bumping this one. Got my hotel reservations made.

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Thatís great! Itís going to be an outstanding weekend!!!

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03-23-2022, 08:49 PM
That’s great! It’s going to be an outstanding weekend!!!

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Yep! Counting down...

Jon Payne
03-25-2022, 05:06 PM
This class went to capacity at the last minute!