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All gave some, some gave all. May God bless the warriors who have gone before and gave all, and may we never forget their sacrifice and what that sacrifice was for. In the era of pussified America, we would all do well to remember this.

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Howard, Aaron WinshipOperation Desert Storm (https://memorial.2dcavalryassociation.com/category/operation-desert-storm/)

Ranhttps://images.findagrave.com/photos250/photos/2019/54/807689_e7318447-cbef-446a-bbf3-647273aca0ff.jpegk: Private First Class
Unit: 84th ENG Co, 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment attached to the 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment
MOS: 12B10 – Combat Engineer
Awards: Purple Heart Medal, Army Commendation Medal with V, National Defense Service Medal, Southwest Asia Service Medal with 2 Stars, Army Service Ribbon, Overseas Service Ribbon, Kuwait Liberation Medal (Suadia Arabia), Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait)
Date of birth: 9-Jan-71
Hometown: Battle Creek, Michigan
Campaign: Operation Desert Storm
Died: 26-Feb-1991
Age at death: 20
Cause of death: Killed in action – land mine
Location of fatality: Iraq
Place of interment: Fort Custer National Cemetery in Augusta, Michigan
Notes: Died clearing land mines for the Regiment’s Movement to Contact against the Iraqi Army.

My friend and American Hero.

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As a side note- Aaron was killed with his team in a Bradly taking in Iraqi Soldiers that were surrenduring - an Abrams lit his vehicle up as they were beyond the line where Americans were supposed to be in the chaos and confusion of the rapid advance of US forces. They had been mine clearing for the advance which is why they were so far ahead of other US forces. The govt has tried to minimize the "friendly fire" count from the war and list him as deceased from clearing land mines which is false.
They were stopped with guns on the opposing surrendering troops when they got lit up by an M1 Abrams HEAT round as they incorrectly identified his Bradly as enemy armor.
Shit happens in war, and I have no negative things to say about the Abrams crew - it was chaos and the fog of war. But I do feel the need to let his real story be told.

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Spending some time with these men this weekend. A long time ago I wrote about one particular day for one of these men.


I drink a toast in honor of you my brothers…..