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05-03-2021, 12:05 PM
Good morning, WarriorTalk!

Longbow_Actual here with a new product from Vertx, The Vertx Contingency Bag.

Smaller than the Tourist Bag, the Contingency sits at a compact size of about 9.5" x 7.5" x 4", similar to a lunchbox, if you will.
Almost half the size of the Tourist (approx. 13" x 10" x 5")

Vertx also boasts a hanging strap that can be used to secure the bag to the back of a headrest in a car, or as a bathroom caddy.
The bag also contains numerous pockets to fit almost anything you can think of, ranging from toothbrushes to tactical gear.

The bag includes an elastic loop to secure one magazine, A mesh pocket compartment that that has excellent storage space, and a velcro lining of the upper lip to add more magazine loops if one so chooses.

Just as an example, I was able to fit one of my pistol kits (i.e., a Sig Sauer P320 M18 Pistol, five 17-round magazines, and two 21-round magazines and a two-mag mag pouch) into the bag with room to spare.
(I know what you might be thinking, and no, it's not my primary kit. I have a G17 that I carry more often than the M18.)

Right now, it is on sale for 39.99$, and comes in Grey or Navy.

link: https://suarezinternational.com/vertx-contingency/

as always,

Stay Frosty

05-03-2021, 12:20 PM
VERY nice!

Gabriel Suarez
05-03-2021, 05:35 PM
:naughty::naughty::naughty::naughty::naughty::naug hty::naughty::naughty:

:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thum bup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

05-03-2021, 07:50 PM
"Lunch Box of Death"—clever.

"Whatcha got in that bag, a kidney?" "Gonna have yours in it here in a minute."

05-04-2021, 03:27 AM
Ordered two.Solves some EDC "situations".

diving dave
05-07-2021, 07:10 AM
I like!

05-07-2021, 07:43 AM
Hmmmm, could be good to put in my back pack of death that I carry to work.

05-11-2021, 05:03 AM
Hmmmm, could be good to put in my back pack of death that I carry to work.

HaHa! I have to admit they had me at, "The Lunch Box of Death!!".

05-11-2021, 06:47 AM
You need a patch for the top - OSTOMY SUPPLIES

geezer john