View Full Version : What's the mallet for?

07-22-2020, 03:13 AM
I think this is a staged picture but I have to ask, what the heck is the mallet on the ground used for?

M1A's r Best
07-22-2020, 04:50 AM
Smacking the bolt open, or closed?

What caliber is that thing? Looks like a barely bottlenecked case but the neck looks way short for a .50.

Johnny C!
07-22-2020, 04:53 AM
No military background for me,
but my guess would be for setting
the tripod in the ground.

And yes, I would say staged, to a
degree, because as a photographer
myself, I know enough that I would
not want to be that close to the
muzzle on that beast when it was
touched off. Although, under the
right circumstances I have been
known to be down range during
live fire more than a few times. :biglaugh:

And I have no idea on the caliber.
I agree with Best. It's way bigger
than .50. The chassis is a beast.

I just googled a little. 20mm?

Sgt. Psycho
07-22-2020, 05:52 AM
Solothurn S18/1000 (variant?).

Bill Bond
07-22-2020, 07:17 AM
Looks like 20mm.

07-22-2020, 08:12 AM
The mallet is a legendary melee weapon incase someone tries to sneak up and knife him.

07-22-2020, 08:38 AM
I don't think that I would want to snuggle up that close to the scope ! Ouch !

Johnny C!
07-22-2020, 09:49 AM
Not a Solothurn.


Solothurn S18/1000 (variant?).

07-22-2020, 11:20 AM
As said already getting the bolt open.

Sgt. Psycho
07-22-2020, 11:44 AM
Not a Solothurn.


Hence I said "(variant?)".

How about a 20mm of some type/manufacture, similar to a Solothurn. Most people recognize a Solothurn, or can easily google a picture of one, and that helps put my guess in context.

07-22-2020, 01:46 PM
Its a CAVIM Catatumbo from Venezuela.
They make it in several calibers including a 12X99mm and a 20mm. Not sure which it is in the pic but I'd guess 20mm.

Fyi, from a Android device at least, hold a finger on a picture to pull up a menu box, in that menu choose "search google for this image" and there you go. Its a nice feature to use sometimes. Helps see through some of the bs on the web as you can find the same pic often used, sometimes for years, in articles and such.

Johnny C!
07-23-2020, 11:41 AM
Thanks for clarifying that psalms23Ddad!

So, I guess I stand corrected. It's
obviously a Sololthurn variant.

Sgt. Psycho
07-23-2020, 07:18 PM