Gabriel Suarez
02-13-2020, 11:48 AM

Very interesting concept I have been reading about. Anyone here have one?

Greg Nichols
02-13-2020, 12:30 PM
When I had Black Violence, I was looking into getting one that would match and was big enough to sleep in.

02-13-2020, 12:52 PM
A friend of mine built his own teardrop trailer. It was pretty impressive and had a lot of well thought-out storage.

I think they are a great way to extend the capacity of a jeep for trips and also make multi-day trips much more comfortable.

Brent Yamamoto
02-13-2020, 12:55 PM
Buddy of mine has one. I got to borrow it to sleep in at Sauer's sniper class a few years back.

It's not fancy like the one pictured above. He's a contractor and ended up with two work trailers...he didn't need two so he customized it for off road. Heavy duty tires/axle, a swiveling heavy duty trailer hitch, water tanks and a small kitchen on the back doors. Nice little mattress and storage cabinets inside. It was spartan and just looked like a work trailer, but completely functional and very comfortable.

The purpose made trailers are much cooler looking, but I was pretty impressed with his DIY job. Either way, really cool concept and makes me want one.

Gabriel Suarez
02-13-2020, 01:34 PM
I have a few things to do to the yet unnamed Jeep, like a tire carrier so the spare is not on the rear door itself. But a trailer like this is definitely in our future.

chad newton
02-13-2020, 01:42 PM
I have a few things to do to the yet unnamed Jeep, like a tire carrier so the spare is not on the rear door itself. But a trailer like this is definitely in our future.
They are cool, I never bought one. One of the dudes I used to 4x with had one and he took it behind him rock crawling. I don’t know why other then I think he thought it was cool. Set up with a foldout tent on top could be pretty awesome for some outback camping. Biggest advantage is the space it will create. Jeeps lack room, especially when I put the extra seat in the ass end....

chad newton
02-13-2020, 01:45 PM
I made a full rack for the top of mine and it worked pretty bitchen. The only problem I had with it is my top was cloth and the rack and wind made the worst noise driving down the freeway. Trailer would be way better, you can drop it off where you are going...

chad newton
02-13-2020, 01:49 PM

I basically copied this one, but made my own tweaks to it. I welded it out of conduit pipe, just because it was galvanized already and fairly light weight.

02-13-2020, 01:59 PM
Those interested might check out this family that's been living and exploring out of their 4Runner, Turtleback overland trailer, and rooftop tent. They have summary information here: https://www.lifestyleoverland.com, a YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/lifestyleoverland, and YouTube playlists organized by gear reviews, how tos, and adventures here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJSHfhZHP8-iChAVCrXWTyA/playlists. A YouTube video that features their initial Turtleback Trailer configuration/move in is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlXCjpydTW4.


02-13-2020, 03:22 PM
Dont take this the wrong way...

I'd highly recomend proper drivers training for such things.

02-13-2020, 05:45 PM
I’ve wanted one of those since the day I first learned of them.

02-13-2020, 06:38 PM
The trailer strikes me as the place to put the roof-mounted tent, and not at roof height.I'd much prefer it there than on the roof of the jeep that I'm driving and is hitting odd angles.

chad newton
02-13-2020, 08:15 PM
Start following 4x4him and Bakersfield trailblazers on face book. Out of those two groups they put together a lot of group rides. I’m not on Facebook anymore but this dude named James on 4x4him had the Jeep trailer. I can’t remember his last name and I don’t have his number. The trailblazers always have stuff for sale, I have another buddy that is still doing all the trail rides that I can ask if someone has one for sale. Just let me know, I can also pick it up if something comes through. The Trail Blazers “leader” is Jermey, he knows who I am and he would probably even do an event out your way if you wanted to.

02-13-2020, 09:28 PM
I have an old military trailer I am going to DIY for a roof top tent, but more on the austere end of things.59238 The Turtleback trailers and similar are very cool and very pricey.

I have been looking at some trailers for a more glamping approach. One Tent trailer I did think was pretty interesting is the Air Opus. It is very off road capable and has a low center of gravity and fairly light weight. The Max tow for a JKU is 3500 lbs. It was developed in Oz ( great Overlanding gear made there) , but is now made and sold in the US. The concept is the instead of cranking up the tent, there is an air compressor that blows the tent up. Plenty of room inside and the outdoor kitchen is pretty trick. They are also pretty pricey, but very cool. You can see a few and Tom's Camperland in Avondale.


02-14-2020, 03:21 AM

I have this M1100 that I use for emergency services that Iím going to close up for double use. Iíve looked at a lot of the ďoverlandĒ trailers available and I have to say I didnít like any of them. Thatís why Iíve opted to design my own. I have the soft top that comes with this one but itís way too high.

02-15-2020, 05:29 AM
https://expeditionportal.com/ Gabe take some time and look through here, there are a couple of amazing models coming out of Australia, with rep's here in the states.