View Full Version : Northeast Ohio 2020

Jim Miller
02-06-2020, 03:56 PM
I relocated at the end of 2019, what that means for the tribe is I've contracted with a new range complex. The facilities are an improvement over the last place and the new location is much more convenient for those of you that travel to classes. Ten minutes from a major interstate and several choices of hotels that are about the same distance away. I am very enthused to train with you this year. The lineup, so far, looks like this:

April 25-26 CRG 1
May 16-17 CRG 2
June 13-14 Shotgun 1
July 18-19 Terrorist/Active Shooter Interdiction with Craig Flaherty
August 22-23 CRG 1
September 19-20 CRG 2
October 24-25 Shotgun 1

See you in Ohio!

Jim Miller
ISA 6:8