View Full Version : Letter explaining why the Stakeout/Jungle Gun is not considered a shotgun.

PRC 74
10-19-2019, 06:14 AM
Anyone have a copy of this ATF doc that was on the forum several months ago. If so can you email it too me. I would like to have a copy to go with my firearm. I searched the forum but can't seem to find it. Thanks.

Steven Spaugh
10-19-2019, 09:21 PM
Look at the pictures presented at this link. That might be what you are looking for. Follow the link, to see page two of this letter.



Johnny C!
10-20-2019, 05:03 AM
PRC, good idea.


Gabriel Suarez
10-20-2019, 09:14 AM
Took it down because with the prevalence of all the Tac13, Tac14, and Mossberg variations it seemed that this was no longer a point of concern for anyone. Even Barney Fife knows that a tac-14 is perfectly legal