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07-01-2019, 12:20 PM
Ok, I have read the regs concerning hard sided gun cases, and will be traveling Alaska Airlines, Austin, Texas to Portland and then into Anchorage. I will be transporting two pistols and at least one .22LR rifle. Does anyone have any suggestions on what brand and model case(s) I should be using?

Advice appreciated.


07-01-2019, 01:19 PM
I'm partial to Pelican cases, but there are lots of options. Watch the weight--the more the case weighs, the less you can put in it before going overweight. And make sure you have a lock for every lockable point on the case. If your case has four lockable points, then two locks won't pass the TSA regs. But if it only has two lockable points, then two locks is good.

Enjoy Alaska. All of my friends up there right now are complaining about how hot it is--it's in the 80s. You do have to consider that most people don't have air conditioning. Coming from Texas, though, I think you'll be able to handle it.

07-01-2019, 05:53 PM
I was in the Juneau area last week. Locals were amazed at the weather. It will hit 90 this week! As Law dog said, no AC. If you plan to roll in the woods 10mm with buffalo bore is as light as I would go. The wildlife is big.

I have a Pelican case. As Law Dog commented its already heavy. I bought a scale I can put through the handle to dial it right in. Pelican has an air line now that is lighter.

TSA will make you put a padlock through every place a padlock can go. Each airport seams to run a bit different regarding screening of your gun bag. Some just take the bag and ask you to stay in the area for a few mins. Others make you go to the secondary screening with the bag.

Alaska is a chilled airline when it comes to guns. They have a generous weight limit for ammo etc. Note ammo needs to be in original packaging or packed in a way where it won't roll around loose.

This video is good. I want to monkey stomp the dude but his info is good.

07-02-2019, 06:01 AM
We just got back from two weeks in AK. We took two handguns, an XD40 and my wife's G19. I put them in a lockable hard case with the ammo (200g. hard cast Underwood, btw) and my knife inside a larger suitcase that we checked. No problems whatsoever in Greensboro or Anchorage. This was our first trip and I was surprised that we didn't see any guns being carried at all. In fact, while we were armed, I've never been anywhere I felt more safe. Only issue I had was taking a guided hike one morning and the water taxi captain spotted my XD when my coat caught on the seat. The female guide seemed nervous but I politely assured her it wouldn't be a problem and she was OK by the time we finished hiking 4 miles through bear country. Turns out she had bear spray but it was buried so deep in her pack that it would have been useless. To be fair, she had legitimate concerns about how I might react had we actually run into a bear, but I was not about to be lectured or required to leave it behind. I think that is the first time I've been "made" and I carry every day, all day.
Enjoy your trip.

07-02-2019, 09:05 AM
When I l went to Alaska on a hunting trip I packed two scoped rifles in a double rifle case (cabelas brand I believe but don't not 100% sure on that) with a buddy to try and "save" on baggage. This was a mistake, the double cases foam wore through and my scope turrets had twisted so I had to re-sight in Prince William Sound rather than just verify, that's what I get for trying to save $50. I have since switched to Pelicans and Plano (I believe they call the new one the All Weather, mine had a different name and bit different setup). For the price you cannot beat the Plano it is just as bomb proof as the Pelican and the pluckable foam makes it a snap to customize. You can easily get a 22 and handguns in it, plus ammo and mags.

07-02-2019, 12:07 PM

Thanks for the info. I wont be hunting this trip but will next year. It is a social visit with some canoeing in the Seward area, and traipsing some higher altitude areas.

I do wish they didn't detest Texans so much, but the scenery, fishing, hunting does offset that a great deal. I never let them know where we are from last trip, and the best restaurant we could find in Anchorage only had two negative comments about Texas on the menu, and that is an improvement over most of them.

Anchorage has quite a few meth heads wandering about, but I do see them coming early on as I work in the drug rehab business and dealing with them is normal now..

I appreciate the info and advice.


07-02-2019, 12:38 PM
It's a good time to fish for King Salmon and Halibut if you're going to Seward. J-Dock Charters is a good outfit if you're interested. Good Italian restaurant downtown near the Alaska Sea Life Center. Sorry, I can't remember the name. Shouldn't be hard to find, though. Gorgeous country!

07-03-2019, 09:16 AM
I wish I could remember two of the restaurants names I ate at, I will do a search. One had unreal crab legs (King and Golden) and a triple berry cobbler dessert that was served in a hot skillet, effing amazing way to gain back some calories after some woods time :). The other was right on a seaplane bay my buddies and I hung out at and watched the "sunset" and drank old fashions, smoked cigars and relaxed, talked about the good life and watched planes come and go. Living well.

07-04-2019, 02:54 PM
Thanks! My son may know of them as he loves fine dining out, but I dont know.