View Full Version : Picked up a TAC-14 Marine

04-27-2019, 10:39 PM
The LGS finally has them for sale in Ohio. Walked in a bought a TAC-14 Marine for $615 after tax. Had a few variates of the Mossberg Shockwaves. Really loved the look of the wood/leather Shockwave, but the build quality could not compare. Less weight (more weight here would be an advantage I think, a dozen extra or so ounces inconveniencing someone? Maybe they should get stronger! I want less recoil!) And the pumps had a lot of wobble. Really happy with the purchase, cannot wait to order some stuff from the store here next paycheck to complete it. Had zero issues shooting 2 2/4" #4 Buck Remington in terms of recoil. Have yet to try other loads. Thank you so much guys for all the info helping me make a good purchase here!