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04-05-2019, 03:24 PM
I wasn't sure where to post this, but figured the training area was most appropriate.

I am having a market issue with my gun training business. The other competitors in town all put on classes like carbine rifle and pistol classes but they require their students to get all kinds of tactical gear. So they put on these classes and then post pictures after the fact where everyone is wearing full tactical vests, drop holsters strapped to their thighs, some even have full ballistic vests plates. The videos that these outfits put out are even worse when some of the students can't get up off the deck without looking like an invalid 80 year old.

Now I have a tendency to make fun of such classes saying those classes are "Super TactiCool", but I seem to get a lot of people asking for such classes. For the past few years I would take the person asking for such a class and explain to them that my classes are meant to prepare my students for realistic situations that they may face in their actual lives, not prepare them for some John-Woo'esque scenario where the U.S. has been invaded by the former Soviet Union, and they are the last thing standing in the way of a complete take over.

It seems like the public wants the skills that will keep them alive in a terrible situation, but somehow they are equating that to one of those "TactiCool" classes, and if the class does not look like one of those classes, it must not be what they want.

My business partner, who also thinks those classes are silly, is suggesting we give the customers what they want. I am still hesitant, as I believe it takes away from the real practical skills that are truly needed.

I'm not sure if I am approaching this correctly. Maybe I'm just looking at this from the wrong point of view.

I'm sure others have run into this as well, so I'm interested in how instructors on this forum have handled it.