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01-11-2019, 12:39 PM
is upon us.

Since about February of 2008, the gun community has been running around screaming that the sky is falling. On November 5thof that year, it was virtually certain that we were doomed. The Big Bad Black Man was going to take all of the guns. But he didn’t. Even after a bunch of first-grade kids were slaughtered by a wack-job with an AR-15, the left couldn’t manage to gather enough votes to enact anygun control measures at the federal level. In 2016, the Hilldebeast (who has killed more men than Gabe, even if not by her own hand) became the new boogeyman. Fortunately, we were saved from certain annihilation by the surprise victory of the Orange Man. And everyone rejoiced because the Orange Man (a New Yorker, previously registered as a Democrat, who had voiced support in the past for a ban on ‘assault weapons’) would surely save us from destruction. Now the gun community is slowly awakening to the fact that Orange Man may not in fact be Our Savior. The faces change, but what remains the same is a constant threat; a dire warning that the end is near.

Indeed, some new conspiracy to deprive us of our rights may at this moment be building steam within the Capitol. Spineless Republicans may be testing the winds within their purple constituencies, trying to decide how they need to vote in order to maintain their position of power and prestige. And I do not advise that we should tune out the political discord and retire to our farms. But it is possible to remain politically active without succumbing to a mindset of fear and failure.

Take a moment to honestly evaluate where we are today. How free are we? America is arguably the most regulated nation in history. Our administrative agencies are huge and omnipresent. You need a permit to do anything. There is a tax for everything. And yet I smile.

The gun community tends to believe that things were so much better in the past. Life was grand when Jefferson could write out letters of marque for Privateers to sail the seas and wage a private war upon our enemies. And the 19thCentury was indeed pretty good—as long as you were a rich white man. The modern gun owner seems to believe that gun control was a product of the 20thCentury. But it’s not.

In the Japanese feudal system, if any man outside of the Samurai caste was found in possession of weapons he would be executed. You were either born Samurai or not. The English feudal system wasn’t any better. Prior to the 13thCentury, serfs were all very explicitly property of the Crown. (Don’t be outraged, though. Modern history classes will teach you that slavery is only wrong when it is based on race.) One serf could not strike down another serf, even in self-defense, because it would deprive the Crown of that other serf’s labor. So knights and vassals enforced the law, and if any serf deigned to arm himself in an effort at self-help, he would be strung up from an oak.

History is replete with examples of commoners being disarmed, while a select class of worker bees are armed in order to defend the palaces. And while our Founding Fathers were burning the bright flame of freedom in America, many of the German immigrants who built this nation had to sneak out of the Fatherland under the cover of darkness in order to sail here. In Germany, they didn’t even have permission to leave, let alone to bear arms.

Today, we have all sorts of stupid-but-well-intended laws that we have to navigate in order to arm ourselves. We fill out ludicrous forms. If you live in a commie state, you may have to wait a week to take delivery of your purchase. There are signs everywhere which achieve nothing more than potentially penalizing the well-prepared. And yet I smile.

I own more guns than anyone in my family line ever could have imagined. My grandmother picked cotton. Her family barely registered the Great Depression, because they were already so poor that it made no difference to them. Today, if you totaled up all the guns owned among my brothers and cousins, we might literally have more than all of the privately held guns in China. I can carry a gun almost everywhere I go, and mostof that is legal.

Guns are cheaper than they have ever been. The next time someone shows you an old ad from Field&Stream for a surplus FAL, plug the number into an inflation calculator. You’ll see that even in the immediate post-war surplus boon, those beaten old surplus rifles cost more than a new version today. And I can now order or build a rifle to my own chosen specifications—the precise barrel length, my chosen muzzle device, furniture, sights, just about everything that I want.

Magazines are cheap. Ammunition is cheap. Everything costs less—adjusted for inflation—than it did at virtually any time in the past. I even see more shooting ranges than I did as a kid. Despite urban sprawl and the shrinkage of those vast rural lands, there are still plenty of places to go shoot a gun today.

There will always be someone pushing for some new prohibition, or trying to close down the local range. Jefferson accurately stated the price of freedom: eternal vigilance. But while we are fighting to keep what we’ve got, let’s not be dismayed. Things are actually pretty good. As we roll into SHOT 2019, try to push Pelosi and the Orange Man out of your mind for a moment, and just enjoy all of the awesome new toys that none of our great-grandparents ever could have imagined. People rarely recognize the Golden Age when they are within it. I hope that things get even better. Either way, I believe things are already better than they have ever been.

01-11-2019, 01:36 PM
Much of what you say is true. For many things, no one can predict the future with certainty. The orange man may have had the approval of the NRA on this bump stock prohibition. I am hoping that is the only antigun thing that we see from him.
There are more guns around than ever and the most recent 2019 antigun proposal of the democraps speaks more of outlawing new magazines and guns that they did not like and then they will tackle the huges of quantities arms that many americans have.
It certainly does not hurt to be prudent. I know of people with money that are going the 80% AR route not to be cheap but to have untraceable weapons. The lower receiver is only a minor part of the cost of an AR. It you want cheap wait for a sale on a completely assembled gun rather than building.

My position is at the moment the sky is not falling, but be prepared. I own lever guns, bolt guns, and revolvers, one because of I like them and also in case the other stuff becomes illegal. I just do not see Americans obeying any future draconian gun laws.

Never doubt the capacity of the politicians to pass very bad and unenforceable laws. Prohibitions of alcohol was one and the current drug laws are another example of laws they can not adequately enforce even if the prisons of full of drug law violators and the streets are full bodies over disputes deriving from the illegal drug trade.
We do not know how the next set of elections will go in 2020.

Gabriel Suarez
01-11-2019, 03:58 PM
The American gun community is not seen anywhere else on earth. I have been just about everywhere on this planet...from Africa to Europe and a few other points near those places that shall remain undisclosed, and from Mexico to the bottom of South America...and a few places in between. There is no place on earth like the USA. But within that USA are havens for communism. I am not going to call it socialism or liberalism or any other name but the true form of the disease...communism. You see it on both coasts with it deepest in its entrechment in California and in the northeast.

At the same time you have a growing generation of people who have never had a single hardship in their lives, who have never been taught true history, and who are so enthralled with games and the social opinions of others that they can't be bothered to read or think critically and who take offense at any disagreement. And their ranks are growing. My own nephew is an avowed communist. Imagine that! One generations removed from Castro's Cuba and he is in manlove with Bernie and likely carries a pic of Ocasio-whateverthefuckhernameis in his wallet. So when we say America, which America do you refer to? I refer to people like us because those other people have nothing in common with me nor I with them.

Politics come and go. And I began to see the disconnect in the illusion of "America" when Obama was elected. How in God's name could that happen, I thought? Are Americans really that stupid? My question was answered when he was elected again in 2012. And to add insult I suppose, I realized that over 42% of people who called themselves "Christians" voted for him. Even in the church you had idiots.

I like Trump...and I think he is great for building wealth. I could not give three shits about Bump Stocks or 3d guns or any of that garbage. Be upset if you wish...I am not. And I hope and pray he wins again in 2020, and then Pence in 2024 and 2028. But that is wishful. Eventually, whether we like it or not, there will be another communist in office. Already they are grooming the next Barry aren't they?

Look back pre-1964 at the gun world. Laws were extremely lax and you could basically do as you pleased. That changed gradually with the pinnacle of the AWB in 1994. It was kept at the peak of pendulum for ten years until the law reached sunset, and began to swing back, held back only by the arrival of Obama and his brood. With Trump things will be moving back toward proper balance...but its all temporary, historically speaking.

America has always been a nation of rule breakers. Is it still? I don't know. We will see.

As far as me...I like this time. Like the song says..."these are the good old days" (they may well be).

01-11-2019, 08:50 PM
Cultural geography of the U.S. is one of my interests. A good academic book on the cultures of the various regions of the U.S. is Cultural Geography of the United States by Wilbur Zelinsky.

My assessment is California, New York and Illinois are where the rest of the country is going barring a spiritual revival like the Great Awakening or perhaps something like a severe spike in fuel prices or economic downturn. The media, most universities and urban and suburban public schools seem to indoctrinate the young with a feminist, big government/socialist, anti individual responsibility/anti self reliance worldview. Millennials seem to like large urban areas-from what I can tell it is largely because they strongly prefer a place where they can go to different restaurant every night of the week and shop in scores of stores within a few mile radius Unlike Boomers they don't find a place in the country and the feeling of individual freedom that came with one that attractive. Bright kids from small towns and rural areas largely leave for the cities. They end up embracing or at least adopting the urban, blue state values mentioned above. Rural populations continue to dwindle and lose political clout.

Individual firearms ownership is important to any sort of meaningful self reliance and self reliance is antithetical to these urban progressive values. Just as the political opinions of Illinois citizens outside of Chicago don't matter because they are out voted by the demographic weight of Chicago, this seems to be the future of the country as a whole.

Heller and McDonald might provide some check on national gun laws but it hasn't seemed to be of great help in expanding right to carry in blue states due to Appeals Court opinions. More state and national gun laws are likely coming.

Small towns and rural areas may become more lightly governed; there may be a reluctance on the part of local LEOs to enforce new federal gun laws.

Golden Age of Guns in the U.S. was probably 1894-1930. With the exception of double and bolt action hunting rifles and high end shotguns, we produced the best guns in the world (perhaps largely because we had JM Browning). Continually disappointing that today "America's Handgun" was designed in Austria and produced by a foreign company. Far fewer restrictions on possession and carry in most places back then also.

Gabriel Suarez
01-11-2019, 09:01 PM
I despise liberals and communists. I will not change who or what I am even if they made it punishable by death. As I reach 60 I care much less about the opinions of fools and would rather live alone in the hinterlands than around pussyhat wearing estromen. So the country will go where it will go. Most Americans are idiots. But I will not change to accomodate them.

01-11-2019, 09:18 PM
Cultural geography of the U.S. is one of my interests.If you haven't already found it, The Nine Nations of North America (https://smile.amazon.com/Nine-Nations-North-America/dp/0380578859/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1547266658&sr=8-2&keywords=nine+nations+of+north+america)is an entertaining read. It's dated--1980s--but that aspect sometimes makes it more interesting, since you get to view his predictions with hindsight.

01-12-2019, 09:08 AM
Most Americans are idiots. But I will not change to accomodate them.

I'm in my early 30s and I've reached the same point. Most people I know are dealing with health issues or financial issues. XO and I have our own home and a 5 mile hike is a stroll for us. Just takes discipline. But that and common sense are super powers now a days...

Not just the Golden Age of Guns though. If a SI G19 with RMR is the current standard for a carry pistol, the SI Gang Unit is IMO the standard for a carry knife.

I've carried a knife since middle-school and have carried just about everything. Cheaper folders to custom fixed blades and nothing comes close to the GU. Perfectly designed for its sole job.

01-12-2019, 09:28 AM
If you haven't already found it, The Nine Nations of North America (https://smile.amazon.com/Nine-Nations-North-America/dp/0380578859/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1547266658&sr=8-2&keywords=nine+nations+of+north+america)is an entertaining read. It's dated--1980s--but that aspect sometimes makes it more interesting, since you get to view his predictions with hindsight.

Thanks LawDog! I’ve heard of that book but haven’t read it. Sounds like it is something I’d be interested in. 1980s was my young adult decade. I’m an amateur historian (that may be like being an amateur surgeon) and am still trying to figure out where the 1980s fits in the larger scheme of things. Pessimistically it might be a ledge on the down slope of American decline. God’s in control though and I hope I’m wrong. IMHO 80s beat 70s and maybe 90s.

01-12-2019, 09:58 AM
IMHO 80s beat 70s and maybe 90s.
If you base that on clothes and hair styles I'll give you that. If you base it on music, then the 70's hands down.

Shooter Ready
01-12-2019, 03:18 PM
The convergence of Obama, Hillary, and the Orange Man now has led to oversupply and low demand, making ammo, guns, and magazines cheap. The wise have stocked up.

As has been mentioned in another thread, timing is everything.

I bought my first handgun in 2013, an XDM only because the local gun stores were completely out of Glocks and Smith & Wessons. My first rifle was a Colt 6920 for a whopping $1600, and I was (un)fortunate to get one at the time with an impending gun ban.

Now I have enough for a small arsenal, and each recent purchase has been a progressively better value.

Ultimately, even if the gun grabbers are eventually successful, the martial gunman will be ready to adapt. Restrictive gun laws in many areas serve to amplify the power of those who choose to ignore the law. Sadly, many of these are criminals who prove the lunacy of disarming the law abiding.