View Full Version : Neurostimulation for pain management

11-07-2018, 09:29 AM
I'm looking for advice from anyone with experience or knowledge of electronic spinal cord stimulation.

Without going into long drawn out details, I occurred extensive injuries @ 10 years ago. I had C3 - C6 fused (severe broken neck and skull fracture) and have constant migraine headaches, plus neck and arm issues due to the injury to my spinal cord.

I've had a couple doctors recommend a neurostimulator to redirect the pain signals in my brain. My current doc is now recommending something called "BurstDR stimulation". Basically this is a device similar to a pacemaker that's implanted under the skin with electrodes placed next to the spinal cord.

I've been through just about every therapy you can imagine, bio, epidurals, nerve burns, ect.. with very minimal results.

Has anyone on this forum had experience with something like this? Just looking for advice from someone that has already been down this path. I lead an active "outdoor" lifestyle and wish to continue to do so.