View Full Version : Suarez Force on Force; October 12-14 in Prescott

Marco Innocenti
08-26-2018, 05:52 PM
Signed up for this a month or so ago. Just booked flights, rental car, and hotel in downtown Prescott.

Very excited to get back and train with Il Maestro and his crew.

Few Questions:

1. Iíll be bringing a couple of Airsoft G19ís. Will there be an opportunity to purchase a complete Glock 19 UTM set-up at the class?

2. Has anyone successfully mounted an RMR to an UTM slide? Maybe via the SI L-mount?

3. Will there be any live-fire portion, or even an opportunity for live fire work? (I understand if this is a resounding NO due to safety issues. Just wondering so I can budget picking up some range ammo along with Airsoft green gas on my drive from Phoenix to Prescott.)

Thanks for the info. Cannot wait.

Brent Yamamoto
08-26-2018, 09:42 PM
Unfortunately there’s not a good way to mount a dot on the UTM. Not enough metal to mill and the L mount isn’t compatible.

A FOF ranges and speeds the dot doesn’t much come into play, it’s almost all point shooting. But I can see the desire to train with a similar set up. Maybe something can be developed for a cheaper dot. I wouldn’t use an expensive dot for FOF because there’s a good chance it will get hit and damaged.

I know Gabe has some plans to work on kata and then apply it in FOF but otherwise not sure of the plan yet. I plan on being there.

Marco Innocenti
08-27-2018, 08:25 AM
Brent, thanks for the info.

I wouldn’t want to use a red dot UTM for FoF, for the reasons you stated. (But since I live in CA, my thought was the UTM could be something I could use for “live-fire” in/around my property.) Even quality Airsoft gas guns could probably damage an RMR lens. At the Pistol Gunfighter I went to a few years ago, someone’s Airsoft shattered the glass lens on my TLR-1 weapon light. (Light still worked, and Streamight sent me the repair parts for free.)

My plan is to show up with a rental car full of whatever gear might be needed, but with an otherwise empty cup to be filled with new knowledge/experience. I’m truly excited to the training the Pistol Kata with the Soke.

Looking forward to seeing you out there.