View Full Version : THE SUNSET

Gabriel Suarez
06-11-2018, 10:08 PM
The fire burns bright and the warmth of it washes over me as the sun finds its purple bed behind Lanai.

The musician plays a mournful Spanish guitar with a Hawaiian twist that reminds me of times past...of friends past...some fallen...none ever to be forgotten. I take another swallow of the local drink as my mind drifts with the fire and the trade winds.

My love leans against me living the moment as it happens...and taking everything in.

An old woman walks past with a shirt that reads "The more you give, the more you live".

The guitar finishes as my drink disappears. The sun is gone, and a light drizzle falls as the Salvadorean waiter brings me another rum.

It is true...the old viking saying...living well is in fact the best revenge.


06-11-2018, 11:03 PM
Be vengeful.

Gabriel Suarez
06-11-2018, 11:10 PM
Indeed. In spanish...La Venganza.

Greg Nichols
06-12-2018, 08:39 AM
Vivir En Venganza mi hermano!!!

Ted Demosthenes
06-13-2018, 06:34 AM
A great word picture of living well, written well.
Salud familia Suarez!

Okole maluna!!