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04-27-2018, 08:16 PM
I have had a Glock 17 in the PDW format for a long time. How long? It had an early SI produced Lone Wolf slide. It always worked, but did seem a bit rough.

No longer willing to settle for mediocrity with an important piece of equipment, I left it at SI for a proper upgrade, which is comprised of:

Frame-mounted manual safety for proper bag carry. When engaged, it is impossible to fire the pistol, even though I really tried hard.

Adding a charging handle and oversize magazine release button improves load/unload manipulations.

Current SI flat trigger, which is so smooth and crisp.

Finally, replacing the slide with a new SI Supermatch slide and threaded barrel - all in NP3. The new slide design is actually rather stylish.

After a minor adjustment to zero, then reaching for my Gemtech suppressor and Happy Stick filled with 147 grain meat ammo, I made a nice golf ball-sized group, very quietly.

SI has turned my old beater into a nice Cadillac.55593

04-27-2018, 10:12 PM
An addendum to this review:

As I was preparing for bed tonight, I retrieved my new PDW out of the backpack for the nightstand and discovered another beneficial upgrade that was overlooked in the daytime. Night sights!

The suppressor sights that SI installed have one tritium vial below the notch of the rear sight, and one vial at the tip of the front sight. In low light conditions, this design provides an aid that leads the eye right to the red dot of the RMR. I believe this arrangement has been referred to here as "landing lights" to the RMR.

I must remember to review my other pistols and make this important upgrade soon.

04-28-2018, 04:41 AM
Great setup. I went with the folder and don't yet have a suppressor.

I've got a Streamlight TLR1s with remote on mine, and a different safety I'm testing. You can easily run that setup, or yours, one-handed without giving up too much accuracy.