Gabriel Suarez
01-12-2018, 01:40 PM

REMINGTON 870 POINTMAN 12 GAUGEThe 870 POINTMAN is 32.75" long with a 14" barrel, and is an extremely small, light, and portable weapon. The dimensions make it far easier to keep with you than a full sized shotgun or even an AR Pistol. Use it just like a stocked shotgun.
This weapon is built on Remington Model 870 that came from the factory with a pistol grip mounted and classified as "Other Firearm". This is a NON-NFA, Completely Compliant and Legal 'Firearm' (technically not a shotgun). Transfers as "Other" on 4473. All potential buyers and users should check their state and local laws for legality, as well as insure their recipient FFL has been educated on the non-NFA nature of this product.

Pointman Details:

Remington 870 Barrel 14" - Ported and polished for recoil reduction and predictability of pattern.
Plain or vent Rib as options.
Bolt and Action Bar components tuned, polished, and finsihed in NP3.
Trigger group tuned for a crisp break, new springs added.
Receiver loading port and ejection ports are de-horned, opened and polished for better ergonomics.
Steel Extractor installed for increased reliability.
Textured Magpul Forend
SB Tactical Non-NFA Arm Brace Kit.
Suarez Safety installed to improve engagement from Safe to Fire positions.
Plus One Magazine Extension installed for a 5+1 Capacity
NP3 Follower Follower.
Extra-Power Heavy-Duty Stainless Magazine Tube Spring.
Fiber Optic front sight in Green.
Grey rust resistant finish for lubricity and durability under all conditions.
Rigid Magazine Tube Sling Mount.

I have the first one in the safe right now ready to ship as soon as we get your FFL. It is the one pictured above in grey cerakote with a vent rib barrel.

BUY IT HERE (https://suarezinternational.com/remington-870-pointman-12-gauge-14-barrel/)

Gabriel Suarez
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Gabriel Suarez
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Gabriel Suarez
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Gabriel Suarez
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01-12-2018, 01:59 PM
Now, I want one of those AND a Tomahawk....

01-13-2018, 10:50 AM
Put me down for 490.

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01-29-2018, 06:29 AM
Question on the "built on your 870" packages.

Any shotgun that sports a pistol grip or brace must be a shotgun that came from the factory without a stock, for legal purposes, correct?

For custom TAC-14 style shotguns, the website looks like the following:

Notice that the description says "on your Tac-14".

I own an 870 with a 20" barrel and a classic wood bird hunting stock. It would appear that it is not suitable for an arm brace. However, the website treats the Pointman differently.
Notice it says "on your Remington 870". Does that imply that my shotgun qualifies? Should it read "on your TAC-14"?

No other verbage is different, so I would assume it should read "on your TAC-14", but I wanted to check just in case it could work.


Gabriel Suarez
01-29-2018, 06:45 AM
If it came from the factory with a pistol grip and not a stock, we can build a Stake out on it. Otherwise...no go.