Gabriel Suarez
01-03-2018, 03:30 PM
LOADING THE SHOTGUN (http://blog.suarezinternational.com/2017/10/loading-the-shotgun.html) Wednesday, October 25, 2017 (http://blog.suarezinternational.com/2017/10/loading-the-shotgun.html) http://warriortalknews.typepad.com/.a/6a0133ec985af6970b01b7c92c9689970b-500wi (http://warriortalknews.typepad.com/.a/6a0133ec985af6970b01b7c92c9689970b-pi)
Well...there is a great deal of silliness involving the shotgun these days thanks to the gun golfers. The use of the shotgun does not require shooting it empty and then racing to load it with one hand while peering into the widened loading gate like a teenager at a Playboy centerfold. Sport and life are not the same. Shall we say that hymn like three times now?

I suspect that I have not shot more bad guys with shotguns than most other trainers in the industry, I am at least in the top 3%. I never used more than four rounds in a single event. Loading during the fight was never an issue. Speed loading via the loading port, like a pistol speed load, was never necessary. In fact I have queried our 50,000 member mailing list and this forum several times through the years about these topics -

Tell me of a time when a pistol speed load or a shotgun speed load (or a rifle speed load for that matter) saved the shooter from imminent death. And by that I do not mean that they speed loaded in a fight...rather that they were standing there with an empty gun, about to be shot...clearly...and only their deft and dynamic speed load followed by a subsequent shot that killed the bad guy, saved the day. Those are the parameters otherwise it is not as useful a technique as some might think.

No responses that fit into those parameters were reported. I am not saying that they have "never" happened, but certainly not that anyone reports.

So the whole load through the ejection port thing is not as valuable as initially considered by the shotgun doctrines put forth.

Instead, when the shotgun is operated properly, the action is mindlessly and automatically cycled with every trigger press. It is almost as if you are pressing, cycling, pressing, cycling, pressing, cycling and during that time the weapon is also firing. If you run out, you will have also cycled the action where upon you now have a closed action and empty gun. Now we start the clock. Is it faster to
A). Open the action, access and drop in a single round, close the action and shoot the bad guy with the one and only shot you have? Or....
B). Grab ten rounds and load them in with visual focus on the loading gate like the golfers do? Or....
C). Sling the shotgun and shoot the bad guy with your pistol...which if you have a shotgun you already have a pistol.?

My money is on C, even though gun games do not allow such a thing.

So lets put that "Shotgun Speed Load" on the same pyre as all those other sacred cows we have broiled, baked or otherwise incinerated shall we.
The shotgun is loaded through the loading gate - the loading gate is forward of the trigger guard incidentally...not on the side of the receiver.
Now how do we do that?

We load the shotgun while looking downrange at the dead bad guy's body, or at the area we expect more bad guys to come from. We load one by one. Some guys with big hands may be able to load two or more at a time, but as you know...I like efficiency and effectiveness over speed. I would rather go one-by-one and not drop any of the few rounds I have, than to try to load five at a time and drop two. That is just me and guys like Suarez Staffer Eric Tull, whose hands are the size of dinner plates, may have better luck.

The side saddle helps with the one-by-one loading. Remember that speed loading IS NOT THE GOAL.

Positioning of the rounds brass up, brass down, is not that important. If I have two types of ammo in there I will position them differently so I know. I may also use different color shells, or one that is ridged and one that is not. Normally, unless otherwise indicated, I like my shells brass up. Why? Very simply. That way gravity will keep them from falling out while involved in the access, firing, tactical cycle of events.

As we move into 2018 we will likely do a modernized shotgun video. It will be streamed on our video channel.
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Eric Tull
01-04-2018, 11:08 AM
Even though my "hands are the size of dinner plates," I still load my shotgun one round at a time.

01-04-2018, 11:22 AM
No joke. My thumb is wider than the loading port on an 870, and just clears that on a Mossy. Add gloves and a little stress and--
One round at a time.