Gabriel Suarez
10-17-2017, 02:18 PM

SUAREZ INTERNATIONAL'S INTERNAL AFFAIRS (https://suarezinternational.com/suarez-international-the-internal-affairs/) Police work in the last decade of the twentieth century was challenging and brutal period for police officers. If one did his job correctly – that is seeking and closing with the bad guys – he often found himself in a welcoming office assigned to Internal Affairs. Careers and lives were often adversely derailed in that deceptive office, where often they asked you to leave your weapons outside. It was a place where one often found an assumed brother’s knife firmly planted in his back. And if you were in the Gang Unit, they had a special file cabinet just for you. In honor of those harrowing times, we present – The Internal Affairs

The Internal Affairs is a knife designed to be very easily concealed and for use with intuitive close quarters stabbing and slashing. If you know how to throw a punch you can use this knife. Like all the knives in the Grab N Stab series, it is intended for the brutal reality of a knife fight and not driven by esoteric or artistic pursuits.

Equally useful for weapon retention as for use as a primary knife, it is easily carried and concealed. The Internal Affairs is a purpose-driven knife for everyday carry. The knives have been given a smooth finish to feel comfortable in the hand and comes without scales or handles. The user can leave it as is for extreme concealment, or add any cord or natural material for the grip area. It can be grasped in any manner the end-user wishes. They are scary sharp...and as easy to "disinfect" of blood borne pathogens as all our knives (a little dip in hydrogen peroxide is all that is needed to bring it to a "like it never happened" state), and purpose designed to get you safely home when everything else, and everyone else, has failed you.

Kydex Sheath comes with a shock cord for covert carry and draw.

Knife finished in Black Melonite.
5.5" long x .25" thick



10-18-2017, 02:22 PM
I saw this yesterday and thought "this is nifty!"

Gabe, thank you for showing it with the Choirboy for size.

Day-to-day I carry a folder, but prefer fixed blades. Sometimes but not often these days carry an original HAK (Hide-Away Knife) by Front-Sight. I definitely think the Internal Affairs is a good option. It looks like it would work for me ....