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Gabriel Suarez
03-06-2017, 09:32 AM

REMINGTON 870 L.A. STAKEOUT 12 GAUGE - 18" BARREL (https://suarezinternational.com/remington-870-l-a-stakeout-12-gauge-18-barrel/)
Introducing the Suarez International 18" L.A. Stakeout Remington 870 pistol grip firearm. The original 14" Stakeout has been very well received but many in regions that are less free than others have been unable to purchase one of these due to local regulations. To fulfill the needs of these politically beleaguered Americans we have brought out the L.A. Stakeout. L.A. in reference to the county I patrolled back in a prior life. It is the same weapon as our 14" Stakeout, but is equipped with an 18" barrel making it legal everywhere in the continent.

The 870 Stakeout is 30.5" long with a 18" barrel, and is a small, light, and portable weapon. With correct training in its use, it rules the close range gunfight realm. This weapon is built on Remington Model 870 that came from the factory with a pistol grip mounted and classified as "Other Firearm".

Stakeout Details:

Remington 870 Barrel 18" - Ported and polished for recoil reduction and predictability of pattern
Bolt and Action Bar components tuned, polished, and coated in Aqua Terra Plus Teflon Nickel (like NP3) finish
Trigger group tuned for a crisp break, new springs added
Receiver loading port and ejection ports are de-horned, opened and polished for better ergonomics
Steel Extractor installed for increased reliability
Textured Forend is standard - Optional Textured Magpul Forend and Optional "Stakeout Strap".
Textured Shockwave Pistol Grip
Suarez Safety installed to improve engagement from Safe to Fire positions
Optional Plus Two Magazine Extension installed for a 6+1 Capacity (4+1 is standard)
High-Visibility, Non-Binding Follower
Extra-Power Heavy-Duty Stainless Magazine Tube Spring
Fiber Optic front sight in Green

Grey rust resistant finish for lubricity and durability under all conditions
Rigid Magazine Tube Sling Mount

03-06-2017, 10:12 AM
WOW Great idea, especially for some of us. The 14" STAKEOUT is legal here in Maryland; but I'm already hearing about shops asking for permission and submitting it for review to the "handgun review board". Asking for permission is going to cause problems, especially in a state that wants to ban felons (or any one convicted of a misdemeanor that could have received a sentence over one year) from possessing muzzle loaders.

Changing from the "issued" pistol grip to a BirdsHead grip makes it a lot more comfortable and controllable for follow up shots, using the roll with it recoil method as part of the reloading process.

Would a +2 mag extension work with this concept, since it has the 18" barrel?