View Full Version : Glock PDW - 19, 17, 17L, a question for Gabe

David III
10-10-2016, 06:17 PM
Sir, i've been following your PDW build and am extremely interested in doing this. My question is which platform would you build from and why. I am a huge fan of the G19 and have one with your slide and RMR red dot, etc. I keep thinking I could do the same thing with another G19 and add the PDW items -- and I have no problem getting tax stamps (except the obvious, as I don't think we should need to get such things). This would give me another G19 but with the PDW setup.
However, I may well be overlooking the obvious, like a longer barrel, slide or whatever. I'd like your opinion as to which firearm I start with, or whether it's just personal choice.
Thanks for any comments you have, as I will just follow them and place an order,. I understand that each person must make up his/her own opinion, but you're in uncharted territory with this firearm and I'd appreciate some guidance. I will figure out how to make it all work on a Gen 4 or I will find a Gen 3.
See you in Prescott in 2017.

Gabriel Suarez
10-10-2016, 06:21 PM
The 19's strength is its easy to hide. The 17 is generally easier to shoot. Hell...I conceal a 34 daily now.

The PDW is not a concealment weapon. Just build it on a 17 and be done.

David III
10-10-2016, 06:38 PM
Thanks, Gabe. I've never owned a G17, gives me a reason to get one. Your PDW concept beats the crap out of MP5s and UZIs and a ton of other crap I have around here (or had around here). G17, suppressor (another one), tax stamp for SBR, One Source Tactical order.... What the hell, it's just money and it's money spent on things that can keep me alive. I fight hard to stay alive.
Off to the gun store tomorrow.....

10-10-2016, 09:09 PM
Remember also the gen3 17 frame is what the Endo was designed for. A G19 or any gen4 will require modifications to the Endo; it's not hard if you're handy with tools, just be aware it's not ready to go out of the box.