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Ragin Cajun
02-06-2004, 10:01 AM
Several points about Tasers that I picked up in certification training last week.

IT HURTS!!!!! Like nothing you’ve encountered before!

The dart tips are straight #8 fish hook type bards, 1/4 inch long. Because of the construction, they will not go into flesh more than that.

They are effective through about 2-1/2 inches of clothes.

They do NOT have to contact flesh to be effective!!

They spread about 12 inches for every 7 feet travel.

The upper dart impacts essentially at the laser dot. The lower one spreads out downward.

Did I say IT HURTS!!!

For our class they did not “shoot” the darts at us. They clipped the darts to our clothes. That’s all it took! One time the instructor clipped one wire to the end of my belt and the other dart to the end of my pants leg which was over my cowboy boots. Let me assure you, IT WORKED!!!

It will work through ballistic vests.

If the darts penetrate the flesh, they self cauterize the wound. We can pull them out ourselves unless they are in the head, neck, or family jewels.

Anywhere on the body is a target except the head.

The optimum distance for deployment is 8-12 feet, about a car’s length.

Aim the laser dot just above the heart and just under the neck.

The more the darts spread out (within reason of not missing) the more effective.

The best place to shoot is the back where there are more muscles. In the back makes it difficult for the suspect to pull the darts out and it's easier to gain control of the suspect once he's on the ground. (He's not laying on the darts.) The side is the least effective. But they all work.

Depending on clothes, a hit to the front can be a problem it the clothes billows out from the perp. That’s why the back is better since the clothes tend to stay close to the body.

“Less effective” is somewhat misleading. A hit in the side will knock the $hit out of you. It’s EFFECTIVE!!!

The Taser will not cause one to wet their pants.

You WILL go down if it’s even close to a decent hit.

Most “injuries” to the perp occur when they free fall to the ground upon getting Tasered. They drop very quickly.

A miss of one dart on concrete or asphalt will not work, but on the grass or in rain it will work.

You can use it in the rain.

You’re dealing with 50,000 volts and about 26 watts. It arcs through lots of clothes.

Don’t use it if spilled gasoline, gas fumes, flammable vapors, etc. are present. It will ignite them. It will not ignite spilled liquor.

Make sure your batteries are charged. The charger is a “smart charger” and the batteries are nickel metal hydride so you can’t over charge them. Some have said to charge every pay check. Once a week is better or right after you use it.

You can give multiple hits if necessary so long as the darts are intact.

It after the first 5 second charge, the perp tries to remove the darts - hit him again!! As often as he is stupid. The second hit will usually get through to the brain, where ever it is.

Don’t step on the wires, they can break. And you or your partner can get hit as well as the perp.

Make sure your partner knows NOT to get tangled up with the wires.

Other officers can start cuffing your victim before the 5 second hit is up so long as they stay away from the wires.

The charge goes between the darts so don’t touch the perp between them during a hit. You can grab the perps hands.

The sooner after the hit you cuff, the better.

You can do a contact Taser the perp even with the spent cartridge still in. It’s not as effective since the points of contact are so close. Remember, the further apart the darts and the more muscles are involved, the more effective.

A contact hit is most effective in the side of the neck.

Warn your partner before you use the Taser so he keeps back and doesn’t think you shot the perp with your gun. Shout “Engaging Taser” or something similar. It does make a “pop” when first energized.

Warn your partner with either “energize” or “engage,” not “shoot’ or something similar.

Always have extra cartridges handy incase you miss or need to hit someone else.

If two perps are in a fight and you don’t know who’s who, turn the Taser 90 degrees and put one dart in each and they will stop – very quickly.

If during a fight you know who the bad guy is, Taser just him and the other gun will be OK.

Officer injuries drop by over 80% in agencies where they utilize Tasers.

The Taser is about as low on the force continuum as you can get. Yet you will likely be the most effective.

Do be ready to go to lethal force if something goes wrong. (Although this is extremely low probability.)

Upon deployment, confetti with a serial number is deployed. The Taser will also record the date and time which can be downloaded to a computer.

The darts are considered “sharps” so dispose of them accordingly. They likely penetrated flesh so you sure don’t want to be touching them even with gloves since they can puncture the gloves.

When you remove the darts, put one hand on the flesh around the penetration and grab the dart with your other hand. Pull out with a swift motion. The “penetration” will not likely bleed since it was cauterized. Of course, you have the perp properly restrained BEFORE you pull them out!


02-12-2004, 10:34 PM
I can attest to it's pain and knock down power!

I also will tell you it works through body armor. I was recently certfied in the Taser at my dept. It's been over 2 weeks and I still have a healing scab on my back at the belt line where the barb went through my nylon pants belt. The top barb stuck in my vest but the "ZAP" did not make a mark on my skin.

(I volunteered to take an actual shot as opposed to haveing them clipped to my clothes. Either way we all locked up and screamed for mercy).

We've had a few BG's "Ride the Lightning". it's been 100% effective.