View Full Version : IR Laser system for PDW

02-10-2016, 11:26 PM
I really like the PDW concept and it is on my list after RMR'ing my 17...

Just as a curiosity, does the ENDO adapter work with the Crimson Trace IR Lasergrip or is a rail mounted IR laser setup required?

I ask because NOD + Glock PDW + IR laser equals the ultimate night time home defense tool plus could be useful for certain protective detail operations (I do work as a bodyguard for a friend, a local diamond and precious metals wholesaler and broker, when he travels)

I know Streamlight has an IR compatible TLR and Surefire has a Vampire version of the X400 that are tape switch compatible, would the DBAL-PL and it's "can't be activated by firing hand while shooting" switch setup still be less than desirable assuming the pistol is braced by cheek weld on the Shockwave?

Like I say, just a late night/early morning curiosity.