View Full Version : Anyone do any surf fishing?

01-06-2016, 09:40 PM
I've always been a fisherman. Mostly cats, crappie, and carp in freshwater. About three years ago I got into fly fishing and have almost quit everything else in freshwater, except when I'm fishing with my 7 year old....he doesn't quite have the dexterity or patience to cast a fly.

Last year, my wife and I made a camping trip on Padre Island and we tried our hand at surf fishing. Holy sh!t what a blast! I caught a few small croaker, a 15lb hammer head, and a little bit smaller mako! Anyways, I just got some new surf rods and reels in the mail, and I can't wait for a long weekend so we can head down to the Gulf again! Does anyone else do any surf fishing? Any tips for a noob? Setups and techniques and such?

01-07-2016, 12:50 AM
Done it. Decades ago, when I was in my teens, my dad and I lived in Southern Florida and surf fishing was a regular event for us. Good memories.

01-07-2016, 06:59 AM
Yup, but not enough room or time to really teach anything here, sounds like you did good first time out...join a Texas or Florida fishing forum...they will have a subsection on surf fishing...lots of tutorials on YT anout gear, rigging, tides and conditions...lots of trial by error, find a local mentor...