View Full Version : Custom revolver holster: Looking for color opinions

01-01-2016, 09:13 PM
For my first purchase that wasn't directly for training or defense, I ended up with a police trade-in smith Model 64, basically a Model 10 but in stainless. Bobbed hammer, I believe it's a corrections issued piece. Currently has ancient bulky rubber on it, but I'm looking into the wooden Jerry Miculek grips not for the name but because I have remarkably small hands and it's hard to find square butt grips that don't have finger grooves. I'm making it a long term goal to gradually learn the platform and eventually hit the Action Pistol circuit with it to make my Glock seem easier.

Eventually, I turned down all the 20-40 dollar options and am just going to save for a custom Blade tech. This is not a duty holster, this is a training and competition holster for a purely fun gun. So when faced with the option to get something that isn't the usual black...Well, what are your thoughts?

I'm looking for something that just is different than the usual flat black, but isn't too 'I work middle management and spent my bonus on mall ninja gear'.