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Congrats, looks like it was well EARNED !!!

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That is sweet. Congrats!

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I've noticed luck favors those who have put the effort in and it sounds like you have that kind of luck too!


12-15-2015, 08:06 AM
Well Done!!

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You could always tell them, "I dont want to work FOR any of them. Im pretty sure I just showed you Im at least as good as all of them. So how'bout they work FOR me OR if that upsets them too much, I'll work WITH them... Now lets talk $X,xxx,xxx" Hahahaha Congrats Brother

12-15-2015, 09:52 AM
Turns out that LinkedIn is useful sometimes.

I already have a job I like, but a company that is a household name cold-called me and said "We have a job opening on one of our special teams. You'll be working on a special system that will involve a basically unlimited budget working with the best engineers on the planet. Come out for an interview." I asked you guys for prayers back in October (http://www.warriortalk.com/showthread.php?126496-Job-interview-wish-me-luck&p=1751805#post1751805) and you all must have worked overtime.

The interview was 8 hours of me doing battle with 8 of their best engineers on a wall full of whiteboards. We mutually declared the battle a draw.

Then they came back to me today... "We have three managers fighting over you. Here's (very vaguely) what they're working on. Please let us know who you would like to work for. Our offer is $XXX,XXX."

Now the negotiation phase starts.


Aaaarrr matey, way to go, congrats!

12-15-2015, 02:17 PM
Good for you. Give your best shot, it may be a gooder.

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Fantastic! Go get 'em!
I truly appreciate the brotherhood here. I have learned A LOT through SI and WT. Keep up the great work and the excellent perspectives.
You all inspire me to reach higher!

12-15-2015, 04:50 PM
Congratulations! Hard work pays off

12-15-2015, 05:03 PM
Sounds like a good opportunity!

12-15-2015, 08:27 PM
Opportunity favors the best prepared; looks like you have done well. Plan your next moves carefully. :thumbup:

12-16-2015, 03:31 PM
Thanks for all the prayers gents. The location is however somewhere that uneducated barbarians like me are... not appreciated. :)

12-16-2015, 03:57 PM
Congrats! You've earned it....

Now comes the tough part. The ball's in your court...so ensure that you can:

1) get job security: no chance of being downsized or abused by managers who aren't as good as you are; (multi-year contract, longevity pay, profit sharing, mentoring by a 2- up or 3- up manager, etc.)

2) additional salary: make sure the base is sufficient, but arrange for incentives on what you produce above and beyond the base (incents them to "let you loose" and ensures you don't get stolen away, now that your worth is well-known);

3) negotiate for things that new hires don't often get, like a higher number of weeks of vacation to start, or a higher %age match with a 401K plan contribution, or they cover the cost of your optional DB or health care, etc.; and

4) check into either a compressed work week (4 10-hour days, with Fridays off) or a flexible work schedule, so you can work from home and not be tied to the office.... (depending on the role)

PS - how about a smokin' hot secretary, too????

Again, congratulations!

12-16-2015, 04:39 PM
Thanks for all the prayers gents. The location is however somewhere that uneducated barbarians like me are... not appreciated. :)

Do the delta , will a couple of years here open other alternatives elsewhere? And a barbarian can always wear another coat for a short while to learn the lay of the land

12-17-2015, 05:05 PM
Congrats. Sounds like you'll figure it out.

12-17-2015, 10:56 PM
Different from the op. People are offering me jobs. I am retired (71) trying to get many of neglected things done like shooting many guns that have not been fired in years and other things like setting up a hobby business (orchards for fruit and fruit tree sales, and finishing the house that I built. I plan to do some dog breeding also. If I can avoid cancer my genetics based on my parents and such is that I may live to my 90's. Mother is 97 and just hopped a flight to Atlanta to visit a granddaughter. She travels all over the place, but is having trouble if she wants to walk miles with younger people.

The most recent thing is an opportunity to clean up a local bayou that after about hundred years of abuse has been really degraded from what it was. I am hearing that the business community wants to build high rise condos on it which is what not what I want to see. Real estate can be the faster way for someone to make money. People here talk about making money, but with some inside political insider information and support a realtor will make what a typical businessman in the gun business can only dream of making. I have to figure out if I want to be part of this and try restrict these people to perhaps one shore of the bayou or not.

I am quite happy while being poor and retired, but doing things that I like. The opportunity to do something positive is also a strong pull. I spent years reporting on how contaminated our water ways were and doing a clean up is attractive. Giving the public news of contamination; that is negative information with no recourse as to how to fix it was depressing.
I will do some thinking on this and some talking with others.