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Warped Mindless
12-08-2015, 07:39 PM
It was a little over eight years when at 17 years of age an event changed my course of direction in life.

I was at a friend's house hanging out with him and a lady I met a few days prior. All was going well and the night looked to be shaping up to be a good one until the knock at the door came. My buddy got up to answer the door while I continued to cuddle with my new lady friend on the couch while the movie played mostly as background noise on the TV.

"Warped! Run!" I herd my buddy yell out. "Whats happening" I thought to myself. The three men at the door made their way into the room, baseball bats in their hands, as they came towards me. I recognized the one in front.

I ran, nearly falling over a low sitting table on my way out the back door. At that time I wasn't big and I wasn't strong but I was fast and I had no problems outrunning those angry farm boys.

I sprinted accross his back yard under the stars and to the edge of the woods several hundred feet away from the house. The moon was almost nonexistant that night. Looking back, that was my first stroke of good luck.

I got to the woods scared and out of breath. It was the beginning of fall and there were way too many leaves on the ground to make a quiet escape. At maybe 10 feet into the woods I hid under a bush. I remember having the peace of mind to take off my white hoodie and hide it even further from the bush. The dark grey shirt underneith would hide me better.

Back then I only carried a small knife in my front right pocket. I pulled it out, flicked open the blade, and made a hasty plan in my head.

"If they come near I will jump out, stab the closest one too me in the neck, and take off running or continute fighting." I said to myself over and over as the three men searched for me. It wasn't long before the guys ran back to their truck and took back off to God knows where. I had left my phone inside but my buddy used his to call the cops.

I found out that the main guy used to date the lady I was with several months prior and never quite got over her. He and his friends drove past a few hours before this event occured and seen her and I outside. Some "liquid courage" in their system later and they decided to pay me a visit.

Everytime I think to myself "nah, I dont need to workout today" or "I dont feel well, I can skip the range this week" I think back to this event. I think back to the feeling of being hunted, to be the pray. Never again do I want to feel helpless.

I lift the weights, I shoot the brass, I embrace the suck and increase my skills not only for myself but for my family.

Find something that motivates you and always keep it in the back of your mind for you to reference.

Stay dangerous.

12-09-2015, 06:41 PM
Great story!