View Full Version : Man Weekend, merits of coated BCG, scotch

Paper Shredder
12-06-2015, 01:10 PM

I'm sure many of you will probably scoff and have what I consider a luxury at hand on a daily basis, but just got home from a great weekend of camping and shooting. I feel compelled to share the simple joy of cleaning guns as alone time.

I spent the weekend hiking, shooting, and camping and in my city life as a corporate rat, this type of activity and freedom of time seems to be a waning luxury as I get older. My wife and I are going to be welcoming our first child in a few months and maybe I'm a bit too philosophical as of lately but I haven't been this relaxed in a while so this was immensely enjoyable. It's about 65 degrees and sunny today and the weekend in the Georgia mountains was 50s and 30s at night. I sat on my deck and cleaned all my rifles I shot. Pretty much perfect.

My buddies and I did the obligatory gun fun (no real training besides marksmanship), hiking, scotch (Balvenie 12 triple cask), and some good conversation around a fire roasting some meat. Life is good.

I got a new Daniel Defense chrome coated BCG. I always scoffed at coated parts as unnecessary bling, but gents.... I sprayed Rem oil on that sucker and all the gunk fell off! This was a revelation to me for cleaning ARs.