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09-25-2015, 09:10 AM
We all have'em, those projects that we dream about, the Kit Cars we'd like to build, even though opening the hood brings cold sweats... Or the sure honey I can replace the toilet, even though your not sure why the water in the tub drains but you have to flush the toilet..... Or or or; but mine tend to be more "Edelweiss" oriented, like a Ruger No. 1 .577 Nitro Express, or "building" a Mosin 91/30 into a custom hunting rifle as if it was post WW2 and instead of using Mauser actions the gunsmith guilds in Europe used Mosins....

So heres how THAT project is going: Starting with a "nice" 91/30, (OK nice enuf), we chopped, actually had to cut off the barrel, then cut it in half in side the receiver because it didnt want to unscrew; and replace it with a McGowen barrel. In keeping with the fantasy of Mosin vs Muser builds, Im keeping the original stock; but making some improvements. First the barrel and stock will be shortened to just in front of the front sling "swivel" with enough left to add a end cap. The idea is to make a "Manlicher Full Stock" design, I havent decided if I want to use the top handguard or go "topless". That will give it a barrel with about 20 inches, which seems OK for 762x54R. I was tempted to use something like 9.3X54R; but just couldnt bring myself to abandoning the "original" cartridge.

Im thinking of keeping the military front sight, because I like the "hood"; but the rear sight is going to be something simple, maybe as simple as a 1911 type in a dovetail because Im using a modern PU scope as the primary aiming system. Now that Im typing the manufacturer of the scope and mount escapes me; but its not the cheap "wanna make a sniper" version.

I dont like the dog collar slings but wanted to keep the traditional mounting "loops". I found pics of Finnish capture guns with "Western" style swivels used in the Russian "loops", some had the extra space in the "loops" filled with wood and some just let the swivels "slide"in the "loop".

I like the thicker Finnish stocks and semi pistol grip. Finding a spare Finnish stock and being willing to chop it up was an issue for me, so Im sticking with the Russian stock; but I dont like the "straight" grip. I thought about "adding" wood at the grip but since my stock is laminated, I dont think it would "look right". Still I want some grip angle, so Im leaning towards a trigger guard "extension" sort of like some of the early 19th century guns, (think Hawkin but made out of steel to match the rest of the metal).

Finally since I need to change the bolt handle for the scope, I wanna use a butterknife style for looks but also so it will carry easier while slung.

Assuming this turns out OK, or at least close to what Im envisioning, Im thinking of a "matching" gun but with a 24inch octagonal barrel in a half stock, cut just in front of where the swell tapers, and using a PU scope....

My ultimate goal is to hunt wolf with either my son or HeadShrinkHer using the "other" rifle---HELL maybe I need to design a third Fantasy Mosin for all three of us???