View Full Version : Friend from Iraq finally able to pay it back

09-12-2015, 10:03 PM
A good friend of mine at the gym had the opportunity to pay it back to a Corporal in the Marines that was part of the original force that invaded Baghdad and set it free from the control of Saddam. A bit of a back story first. He left Iraq with his family after the fighting had slowed down but not after suffering through the hardships of Saddam's control. A friend of mine at the gym invited him to participate in a 5k run in remembrance of 9/11 at a local airfield. Out of 1900 people he was able to place second overall and first in his age group. And here is where the doors start to open up. As he was talking with some of the police, a police chief heard his story and was able to introduce him to that Marine who had originally gone into Baghdad to help free them. He was finally able to thank him and show his gratitude for the sacrifices and role they played in ensuring his families safety and freeing his people from Saddam. Made my friends day and made quite a few others too!