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03-30-2015, 12:24 PM
I have two boys, in first and third grade at the local public schools. I've been a very involved parent since they started school - I even ran for school board trustee three years ago. (Announced as the winner on election night, somehow lost by 37 votes after the re-count. Huh? Even my lawyer couldn't believe it, but also couldn't find actionable corruption.) I have been spending an increasing amount of my free time on school issues - fighting to get the best for my kids, convincing unionized teachers to actually do their jobs, etc. Apparently I am now officially a dad to be afraid of, as at parent-teacher conferences last week my older son's teacher insisted on a witness sitting in on our meeting.

As I looked at all the time I have spent over the past year on managing my kids schooling in a system that is not designed to educate, I began to think about what Gabe and the rest of the Tribe would tell me to do, and the solution became clear: My kids are not returning to public school next year. It's time to "go pirate" and get out of the system.

I'm not going all the way and homeschooling them (my wife and I both work in a family business), but there is a perfectly good private school in the area that seems to provide everything my kids need. The extra time I have each week now that I will no longer have to battle the public school craziness will be devoted to earning more money so I can pay the tuition bill, and lifting heavy things. The extra time at night that I will no longer be spending at school board and PTA meetings will be spent with my family and entertaining clients. It seems like a total win for everyone, except the teachers union who will no longer be able to point out my bright kids as examples of what a great job they are doing as educators.

I really did think of all of you as I made the decision. So I wanted to say, "Thanks!"

03-30-2015, 02:33 PM
After my experiences with the Public Education System, I do believe that you have made a very good decision. Well done!!

03-30-2015, 03:28 PM
Reevaluate the school each year as a change in teachers or whatever managing body they have can greatly affect specially smaller private schools year to year.

No matter it will likely be much better than what you have now, just make sure some do gooder hasn't turned it into a dumping ground for public school rejects! (My dads job was to rescue private schools that had the above issues and many more! Not always pleasant to be the son of the principal who came in to be the stick!)