View Full Version : And since I'm thinking of boooze - a Skeeter Skelton Margaritta

03-04-2015, 02:10 PM
Skeeter's Margarita 2 shots tequila 1/2 teaspoon triple sec juice of 1 lemon. Combine with ice and shake like crazy. I never fool with a salted glass and sometimes use lime instead of lemon

03-04-2015, 05:12 PM
Skeeter Skelton, now that is a name I haven't heard in ages! I loved reading his stuff!

Sky Pilot
03-08-2015, 02:07 PM
Pardon me, would you have directions to the Wounded Pig Saloon?

03-09-2015, 07:09 AM
Have every book ever written by him(as far as I know). Always entertaining and informative.

04-16-2015, 08:35 AM
Met him once at an NRA convention. Damned fine fellow.