View Full Version : Talon 3-Finger Carpenter (shooter) gloves.

02-01-2004, 03:19 PM
After years of freezing my fingers off during the winter, I finally found what I think is a good duty/shooting glove. I was considering the BHI shooter's glove, but having only the trigger finger bare didn't work for me because I handle a pen a thousand times every day.

Working in my field is hard on the hands to begin with, but when you factor in the need to be able to handle a pistol or a pen or separate papers, you need a different kind of glove. When moving coin, boxed or bagged, you wish you had a glove. But not any glove will do.

You need something that's durable but still looks professional.

Having worn the Duluth Trading Co. Three-Finger Carpenter's glove, I'm pretty sure I've found the solution to the problem. Unlike your standard shooting glove, the three-finger design allows you to not only feel the trigger, but also the safeties and mag release. Having three fingers unencumbered, you can manipulate a pen or pickup change.

Basically a black glove, the palmar surfaces are silver/grey leather covered with black patches of some rubbery material that really grips well. Aside from the silver/grey underpalm, the only other color on the glove is a matching silver/grey line across the knuckles and a dark blue DT logo on the wrist strap. They do look professional.

Do they function? Well, they aren't kevlar-lined or fireproof; they're not even waterproof. But, they do keep the hands warm by protecting them from exposure.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with the initial trials and will let you know more as I wear them in.


02-01-2004, 05:42 PM
Thanks for the tip VaughnT. I've been pondering the options since, during a 3-Gun event on a very cold day, the thumb of my glove got stuck in the loading gate of my shotgun. :(
I've been thinking about some fingerless Hellstoms, but the Duluth Three Finger Gloves look intresting.