View Full Version : Single point sling attachment installation

01-23-2004, 07:06 PM
I picked up a single point sling adapter from GG&G to put on my Mossberg 590a-1 Bantam Shotgun. Both companies make great products, so this is not a slam on either of them. It's just that the instructions that come with this particular GG&G item state that you simply remove the stock from the shotgun and slide the S-P-S piece onto the gun. When I tried to do this my heavy duty flat head screwdriver bent! The head was twisted. Not wanting to wreck my new shotgun I ran up the street to the shop where I'd purchased it. The owner was kind enough to have his gunsmith do the installation at no cost. Okay, cool, right? Nope. It cost me almost $40.00after they had trouble. The gunsmith had a tough time too, he had to drill the stock further so that the bolt that holds the stock onto the frame of the shotgun would reach once the part was added! I'm glad the gun is so well made, I just hope no one else goes through this thinking that they will install this device in five minutes. Live and learn I guess.