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Bill Lindsay
10-01-2003, 03:48 PM
I am a deputy sheriff with 30 years on the job. I have been a firearms instructor since 1979 and have trained with federal,state and private instructors. Gabe is the first instructor that stated that he is first and always a student, then a instructor.

I am sure some of you have trained with instructos who have been overbearing, have belittled students, etc. If you have trained with, and I mean WITH, Gabe that he is a 100% class act.

I have been impressed to the point that we will be bringing him back to Michigan this year.

10-01-2003, 04:35 PM
Bill Lindsay,

Welcome aboard.

I hope to come back up when Gabe returns.

Are you going to make IALEFI in Dayton?

Cold War Scout
10-03-2003, 11:40 AM
I have been on the job for about 23 years. I have had many firearms and other training courses. A weekend with gabe was some of the best training I have ever had. I think he is the best firearms instructor I have ever had. His level of humility is directly proportionate to his firearms teaching skills.

Ryan Bell
10-03-2003, 02:55 PM
Gabe came to Watsonvile to train a class of 12 with different levels of expertise ranging from new shooters to some very experianced shooters. He taught everyone in the class good common sense techniques that improved every ones knowledge and ability to handle a firearm. I did not know what to expect from Gabe and was pretty sure we were going to be subjected to a arrogant my way or the highway type of training. Instead, we recieved excellent fine tuning by a ery approachable and likeable instructor. So much so I have enrolled my wife to refine her skills in his next local course.

Ryan Bell

10-05-2003, 09:55 AM
i have signed up for gabe's cape town (south africa) training schedule. i have no LEO or similar training or background. what kind of pre course training should i do in order to prepare for his course?

thank you.

Cold War Scout
10-05-2003, 11:00 AM
Preparing for a firearms training course is no different than properly training for any martial course. Be in good shape. Pratice your body mechanics (e.g. dry firing, punches, kicks). Successful firearms skills is a function of the mind/body partnership.