View Full Version : Gold Miner Spirits premiering their products in Prescott this Friday

Liberty or Death
06-18-2013, 01:20 AM

Met John and Deb who runs this distllery out of Kingman, AZ, where they also have tours of their two year old facillity.

Tried out their entire line of spirits. Interesting take.

Their Agave Rum is a Southwest twist which AZ residents might like.

The Vodka is made from sugra cane instead of grain or potatoes.

The Barrel Reserve Rum complements the cigar connossier, from what the Brandy enthusiasts telle me.

White Rum is not my thing but theirs' was smooth.

My favorite, the Dark Rum, is great taken neat.

It's going to be happening at the Walgreen's. Will post which one as soon as they hit me up with a reply.

Anyways, FYI for those of you in Northern AZ or feel like making the trip from further south.