View Full Version : Career Advancement Advice/Networking in Atlanta? (Marketing & IT)

04-24-2013, 06:44 AM
Good morning all, I wanted to reach out and seek the guidance of our brothers that have “been there, done that” from a career perspective. My current job is fine and pays the bills; however I don’t really see any real growth opportunities and work more hours to make less than my old job, so I am looking for a new, more “piratey” direction. Like they always say, the best time to look for a job is when you already have one…..
That being said I am 25, own my own place, trucks paid off, no debt, have a marketing degree, and will be starting an IT program to add a BS in IT to that, which I should have finished up in a little over a year. So I feel like I have been staying on a well disciplined track and despite some adversity have made it through pretty well so far. Despite that, I am starting to sense a little bit of a personal doldrums career wise coming on, something which I would like to proactively curtail.
For a quick about: I have been out in the big, wide world after college for 2 years, but have been working since the day I turned 15, so I have the ethic and willingness to work that many of my generation sorely lack. The greatest portion of my experience is working in Face-Face sales and Digital Marketing, especially pertaining to the finance (consumer and mortgage), Business Integration Systems and Outdoor Products (fishing, hunting, boats ect.)
So do any of our Atlanta warriors have any advice to share or even a need for a new crewmember with a sales/marketing/tech skillset? I will be happy to supply the bullets and buy a beer or two in exchange for advice and networking.
Thanks in Advance!