View Full Version : Gang Unit is IN!

Mark Oyler
03-28-2013, 07:56 PM
Back from some long needed R&R in Doug Little's AO, I return to find a package from OST. 1-Gang Unit, .... and some other stuff. The blade was in my hands instantly.

First impressions: Sheath: Very nice! Good retention, adjustable, perfect fit. Knife: The handle design is perfect for this type of blade; very well shaped, for a number of positions; good amount of 'grippiness' to the panels, which is important for a blade of this overall length, design, and purpose. The Unit balances well, and can even 'grip transition' quite well for this type of design. Blade: Pointy and Sharp, what's not to love?

Best attribute: For me... Speed! I am pretty fast at deploying my folders, as well as my fixed blade carry options. That said, the GU comes out fast! From the 3 positions I tried with the GU, each deployment was faster than my tried and true folder position. This is paramount IMO. This blade has one ''true' purpose for me, and it looks to suit that niche very well. The GU is more stealthy than my other fixed blade, carry knives. Just like with gun platforms, there is always a series of compromises to each quality selection. And, for Defensive/Offensive fixed blade options, when you need it fast, down and dirty, even disposable, the Gang Unit is a serious contender, and looks to take the #1 position, for its designated function.

I look forward to working it some more dry, and then with some pig man type testing. I already think I know what the end result will be for me. Just like my Be Wharned or the Yo Jimbo II, ESEE 3, etc., The GU looks to be viscous, deadly, and a wonderful defensive design, only faster into the Frey than most, while remaining extremely covert. Compared to my fixed blade ESEE, OST offerings, the GU is more modular, and more stealthy, due to knife and sheath design.

I hope to have another positive report once I start stabbing and slashing some meat with this beauty.