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Grey Man
12-17-2005, 09:30 PM
OK bought a mossberg 500, made in the 70's (thats when it was bought by its previous owner) he sold it to me for 100 flat. It had a wood stock and a 30 inch full choke barrel. I ordered a 20 inch 8 shot barrel from halvin sales and then got the extended magazine tube from numrich parts. Put those on and now she is fully functional but the stock is kinda pathetic.

I am looking to make it into a 3 shotgun.

1.Sights- I am fine with the bead sights

2.Barrel- any fans of porting? what are the benfits and drawbacks?

3.Stock- I dislike the speedfeeds they just dont "fit" but I am looking at Knoxx industries spec ops stock. It looks like an M4 stock but supposedly reduces recoil by 80%. Has anybody tested this?

4.Trigger guard- Where can i find an old style, metal trigger guard for a mossberg 500? I simply cant find one.

5. Fore-end- What are the pros/cons of the grip forend? I am thinking of keeping it traditional but synthetic. any reccomendations?

6. Sidesaddle- who makes a sturdy, not cheap side saddle?

Any additional products that you guys put on your shottys that you fancy please share your wisdom, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Watch your 6!

12-18-2005, 08:52 AM
When you say "3 shotgun" I assume you're meaning USPSA style 3-gun shotgun?

For 3-gunning, I think the ghost ring sights are a nice option, but probably not worth what it costs to have them put on. They'll help you out on slug stages and when shooting from ackward positions/week hand when the body and cheek weld index that makes the bead sight run has been taken away. I'd leave it as is unless you find yourself throwing a lot of mikes on slug stages.

Ports would put you in open class at some matches... you dont want that.

With a bead sight your cheek weld is very important, I would stay with the traditional stock. Also, a pistol grip stock is contraindicated with mossbergs because of where the safety is located.

You dont need the metal trigger guard but if you want it I'm guessing you'll have to order a guard for the 590A1 model....either straight from mossberg or browells.

Most people seem happiest with the 3 gun gear velcro side saddles. They avoid the problem of putting metal screws in a alloy reciever. http://www.3gungear.com/Pages/42_sg_side_saddle.htmlhttp://www.3gungear.com/Pages/42_sg_side_saddle.html

Vertical foreends dont seem popular in USPSA 3-gun on rifles or SG's. I think whatever slight ergonomic benifit it might have is out weighed by the problems in creates working around and through ports, walls, and baracades. Never tried it myself though.

In terms of what pump gunners do shoot....its basically just a bunch of 870s and 500/590s with straight stocks, 20inch/8round tubes. Sights on about half of them. That's it for the guys that choose to load off shell racks. The people that load of their arms will have arm band carriers, and side saddles. Although it seems more and more people are going to the racks.

Michael Biggs
12-18-2005, 10:30 AM
I not much into games, but Wulfenite offers sound counsel...

Speedfeed makes a great bantam, cadet or youth model synthetic stock without pistol grip. Get a good sling. Use good ammo.

Flashlights, sidesaddles, ghost ring sights, ropes and a lot of other stuff (mostly junk IMO) you can really do without. If you want these, no problem from me, remember these add weight and expense to gun.

What ever you decide, TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN. Make damn sure all that stuff works and you're comfortable with the operations of each and all.

Good luck!