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Gabriel Suarez
03-11-2013, 12:41 PM

When I worked the Gang Unit, I carried several different blades hidden on my person. A Gang Cop carrying blades? Yes. Think of going into a room with twenty thugs that want to kill you...you'd carry things too. Even in the jail. You were supposed to check all the weapons before coming in, but you didn't. You always kept something. Getting home took precedence. All my guys carried blades, and most were ex-gang members themselves. We operated with some autonomy, but always got the job done...one way or the other. Think of the movie "Training Day", but on steroids, and you will get the feel for those times. The knife is named in honor of that Unit and for the memories of those days.


The Gang Unit is a knife designed for use with the prison knife killing system often used by those we hunted. It is neither artistically elegant nor in any way technical. It is driven by primal violence. It is not art...it is ugly and brutal. Yet that system - using sharpened spoons and shards of glass wrapped in torn bed sheets has killed more men in cell blocks, alleys, and bars, in personal combat, than most other "modern" knife arts taught today.


Like the Unit it is named for, and the system that spawned it, the Gang Unit is the most sinister purpose-driven knife of our times.The knives have been dehorned to feel comfortable in the hand. It can be grasped in any manner the end-user wishes...even as a punch dagger. They are scary sharp...and as you will notice, totally sanitized of any markings. They are as easy to "disinfect" of blood borne pathogens as all our knives (a little dip in hydrogen peroxide after diassembly is all that is needed to bring it to a "like it never happened" state), and purpose designed to get you safely home when everything else, and everyone else, has failed you.


6" Overall Length
2 1/2" Blade
1/8" Thick
Stainless Steel
Polymer Scales
Multi-Carry Kydex Sheath


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